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World Scaling

You can control the scale between the 3D scene of your Unreal Engine project and the actual 3D image shown on the Spatial Reality Display(SR Display).

3D modeles tend to be designed in actual size of real objects. That is, most human character models are approximately 1.5 - 2.0 meters, tree models are several meters, and buildings are tens of meters. However, the actual SR Display size is 0.4x0.2x0.2 meters at most. We call changing the scale between virtual 3D scenes and actual 3D images shown on the SR Display World Scaling. You can change World Scaling so that you can fit 3D models just the right size to show on the SR Display without changing the size of models themselves.

To show 3D objects on the SR Display, you need to place the objects inside the blue box area shown by SRDisplay Manager. We call the area SR Display View Space.

The scale of the SR Display View Space may be too small for placing the objects inside it. Adjust the scale of the SRDisplay Manager Actor to fit the objects within the SR Display View Space. You can change the scale with Scale properties in Transform category of the SRDisplay Manager Actor's Details.