About the Spatial Reality Display

The Spatial Reality Display reproduces spatial images in three dimensions as if they were real and can be viewed by the naked eye without special glasses or headsets. It allows you to see the depth, texture, and appearance of the object with a real sense of presence, so you can fully express the creator's vision when sharing product designs or showing variations in color and shape in a showroom. This new spatial experience, makes it feel as if there is another world behind the display, and can fully deliver the creator's intent to the viewer.

  1. High-speed, high-precision real-time sensing technology

    High-speed vision sensors and eye-recognition technology always detects the position of the viewer's eyes. It detects the position of each of the left and right eyes in real-time, not only horizontally and vertically, but also in depth.

  2. Real-time video generation algorithm

    Based on the positional information of the user's eyes, the light source video that comes out of the display panel is generated in real time from 3DCG data.

  3. Micro-optical lenses

    Our unique micro-optical lens, which delivers stereoscopic images to the left and right eyes, is attached to the entire panel surface with ultra-high precision, enabling natural naked-eye stereopsis.

The ability to create high-definition, three-dimensional images makes it easy for content creators to see what they are working on. For example, in the case of automotive and architectural design, it is possible to repeat various trial-and-error processes on the display while changing the conditions, improving quality, reducing production costs, and shortening lead times, without the need to make prototypes as before. Also, showrooms and stores of apparel and home furnishings manufacturers can display a wide variety of colors and shapes, even if the number of items that could be displayed was limited in the past due to space and cost considerations. Furthermore, in museums and event venues, objects normally seen only from a distance can be displayed on the projector, making it possible to enjoy three-dimensional expressions up close and from a variety of angles. Thus, it is a display with expressive power that can be used in a wide range of applications, from creators' productions to exhibitions in stores and event venues.

A dedicated software development kit (SDK) will be provided free of charge to support the creation of content for this device. The SDK supports Unity and Unreal Engine, standard tools for interactive app development in various industries such as games, VR, architecture, and car design, allowing creators to display existing 3D content on the device.