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SRDisplay Manager Actor

SRDisplay Manager Actor controls where and how to draw your Unreal Engine project's 3D scene. To develop Spatial Reality Display app by Unreal Engine, you need to place a SRDisplay Manager Actor on each level.

Place one SRDisplay Manager Actor at a time on each level.

SRDisplay | Tracking

Show Camera Window

You can turn on and off Camera Window with the flag. The window shows a image captured by Spatial Reality Display Camera.

SRDisplay | Rendering

Spatial Clipping

You can turn on and off Spatial Clipping with the flag. See for the details: Spatial Clipping

Is SRRendering Active

You can turn on and off SR Rendering with the flag. When this is false, the image rendered from the camera in LeftEyeCamera will be displayed.

Crosstalk Correction

You can turn on and off Crosstalk Correction with the flag.

Scaling Mode

You can create Applications for both ELF-SR1 and ELF-SR2. They have different panel sizes, so the following two display methods can be selected.

  1. scaled size

    ELF-SR2 is enlarged and the same area as ELF-SR1 is displayed.

  2. original size

    The size of objects displayed in ELF-SR1 and ELF-SR2 will be the same. In other words, ELF-SR2 displays a larger area than ELF-SR1. At this time, you can select the size of GIZMO to check the area displayed in ELF-SR1 and ELF-SR2.

Far Clip (cm)

SRDisplay Plugin automatically places a Camera Actor at a user's eye position. You can set the far clip distance of the Camera Actor with the property.