Sony Corporation is the company responsible for the Sony Group's Entertainment, Technology & Services (ET&S) business.
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The Sony Group extends its deepest condolences and sympathy to all those affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.
We pray for a full and swift recovery across the region.

Business Introduction

Imaging Entertainment

Through products such as Alpha™, VLOGCAM and the retinal projection camera kit, we contribute to a wide range of creators' production activities and make proposals unique to Sony, as we specialize in spreading the thrill of filming and diverse visual expressions.

Lens Technology & System

In addition to E-mount interchangeable lenses, including G Master which incorporates Sony's latest optical technology, we also offer accessories such as wireless microphones to meet the diverse needs of image production creators.

Mobile Communications

We create unique user experiences and new value through Xperia smartphones, which combine Sony's cutting-edge technologies with 5G communication technology.

Home Entertainment

Through consumer TVs, professional displays, and home audio products, we work with video content creators and partner companies to deliver Kando(emotion) experiences to customers.

Personal Entertainment

We aim to deliver Kando(emotion) through music experiences that connect creators and listeners by offering a variety of audio products and services, including headphones and wireless speakers.

Professional Imaging Technology

The highly reliable, easy-to-operate Cinema Line cameras meet the needs of a wide range of filmmakers, from movie to small-scale production creators, with the CineAlta camera VENICE at the top of the line. We continue to work with creators to create the future of video production.

Media Solution

From filming to broadcasting and distribution, we offer a more efficient and high-quality video production environment by providing a variety of equipment and solutions utilizing IP and cloud to suit the workflow of production and broadcasting operations.

Software Service

We are strengthening Sony's camera features in software through the Camera Remote SDK business and by developing cloud services optimized for individual users. We also propose new businesses by combining various technologies such as in cameras, communications, cloud, and drones.

Virtual Production

We propose solutions and cutting-edge filming systems based on customers' needs, primarily virtual production using LED walls, including Crystal LED displays and VENICE digital cinema cameras. We use technology and services to realize the visual expressions that creators truly desire to create.

Sports Entertainment

Sony's Sports Businesses are made up of Hawk-Eye Innovations, Pulselive and Beyond Sports, all with a shared mission to deliver best-in-class officiating, broadcast and digital solutions to the sports world. Together we open doors to wider capabilities, helping the world of sports realize new opportunities and bringing experiences to life that could only previously be imagined.

Life Science & Technology

We contribute to medical development through technology by developing advanced cell analysis equipment and reagents for research, as well as monitors and printers for use in operating rooms and laboratories.

Secure Technology & Solution

We are developing technologies that make people's lives more secure, convenient, and safer by utilizing contactless IC card technologies such as FeliCa and NFC. We are also proposing various solutions that manage and utilize digital data.

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