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Technology That Inspires Emotion

Sony was born from founders who had a dream and strong desire to enrich people's lives through the power of technology.
This dream is shared by the Sony engineers today.
We will continue to pursue "technology that inspires emotion" and get even closer to people, to understand their motivations,
inspire and fulfill their curiosity, and realize the dream of our founders.

Latest examples of Sony’s technologies and their extensive applications
"Sony's Technology 2020"

We Are Ready to Eliminate the Regional Disparities in Education
and Encourage the Individually-Optimized Learning

Haptics—Taking on New Challenges with Haptics
A Technology that Stimulates the Sense of Touch, One of the Five Senses

Ray Tracing
Evolving Visual Expressions for Game Creators

Formulate and execute technology strategies while identifying signals of change,
and support the development of talent in order to ensure Sony’s sustainable growth
"Corporate Distinguished Engineer"

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