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Delivering Excitement, Passion,
Joy and Compassion to the World.

Sony runs a diverse portfolio of businesses centered on "People" to realize its Purpose to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology," under the corporate direction of "getting closer to people." In pursuing this Purpose, Sony's sustainable value creation through business can be divided into categories based on three perspectives: users, creators, and the society in which people live.

Enriching people's hearts through the delivery of emotional experiences
Helping creators realize their dreams
Contributing to society through the delivery of safety, health and reliability

The Game & Network Services segment is focused around the PlayStation® platform. The PlayStation™Network offers various entertainment content that is not limited to games, but includes movies and music as well.
In the Music segment, under the Sony Music Group established in 2019, Sony Music Entertainment (USA) produces music with many recording artists across a wide variety of genres. Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the world's biggest music publishing company, has managed over four million musical compositions. In Japan, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and its group companies handle the music business while also proactively engaging in other content areas such as mobile game apps, animation and characters.
The Pictures segment , creates and distributes contents including movies, TV programs and digital contents all over the world, primarily at its headquarters located in Culver City in the US, while developing television network or new entertainment services and technologies to deliver emotional experience and help creators realize their dreams.

Sony's Electronics Products & Solutions segment, which produces products such as TVs, digital cameras, audio equipment and smartphones, has been delivering various innovative products to the world since the establishment of Sony Corporation in 1946, and offers products and services that maximize "Reality" "Real-time" and "Remote" through Sony's audio, visual and telecommunication technologies. Sony's professional products and solutions segment supports the realization of various creators' vision by offering on-site support for television and film production as well as live productions such as sports broadcasts. The medical business also contributes to people's health through technology applications in the fields of imaging, display and mechatronics that Sony has cultivated over many years.

The Imaging and Sensing Solutions business creates transcendent imaging and sensing technologies that push the boundaries of image quality and cognition to bring inspiring, intelligent, and reassuring solutions in both personal and professional settings. The CMOS image-sensor is a key device for smartphones used by people around the world to share emotions. In the sensing area, Sony will contribute to streamline workflow in places such as storefronts or factories with the intelligent vision sensor equipped with AI processing functionality, while also aiming to contribute to automobile safety and a better future for mobility with its sensing technologies.
The Financial Services segment handles life insurance, non-life insurance, banking and nursing care. In addition to providing customers with a sense of safety and assurance through pertinent advice that leverages a variety of information sources as well as various products and services, Sony improves convenience in daily life through improving access to financial services and promoting innovation.

New Initiatives

From venturing into entertainment in space, to devising mobility solutions that help people get around securely and safely and supporting creators expand their creativity with innovative AI applications, Sony is applying its technology to inspire emotion in new fields.