About Spatial Reality Display

Spatial Reality Display is a display that excels in stereoscopic spatial expression, reproducing as if the real thing existed in front of your eyes and providing a sense of presence that makes you want to touch it with your hands. Compared to conventional 3D devices, this display allows users to enjoy 3D content naturally and with less stress when viewing, but depending on the creation of the application, it may cause discomfort in the 3D representation and may cause 3D motion sickness.

By referring to the design guide described here, you can reduce discomfort and 3D motion sickness while watching, and provide a comfortable 3D viewing experience with a superior stereoscopic effect and spatial expression.

Although the physical display surface of Spatial Reality Display is installed at an angle, you can provide a good viewing experience by placing 3DCG data in the virtual space of a square box as shown below, without being conscious of this display surface when creating your application.

The Spatial Reality Display is also shipped with optional parts to enhance the spatial representation and immersion experience when viewing. When all the parts are attached, the Spatial Reality Display takes the following form, allowing you to recreate this virtual space (Spatial Reality Display view space) in the real world.
Imagine placing the content in a virtual Spatial Reality Display view space on the editor of the game engine, matching the optional parts on the real machine.

The basic idea of creating spatial content is to make the virtual world content connected to the bottom stand (included bottom accessory) placed at the bottom front of the display.

Depending on the scale setting, the world may look like a miniature. You can look at it from the front, or look down on it from above, and enjoy it as if it existed in real life.

Let's create your own world!