Setting Up Spatial Reality Display Settings

Before proceeding with the steps on this page, complete the steps on the following pages.

Setting up the device

Prepare a Windows PC that meets the specifications of operation environment check for Spatial Reality Display apps development.

The following is a list of files required for setting up the development environment. Download them to the development PC.

Description Software Name Version Download link
A installer of Spatial Reality Display Settings. Spatial Reality Display Installer
2.3.0 DL

Close UE/Unity applications

Close Unreal Editor and Unity Editor before running the installer. Also, you MUST close EpicGamesLauncher and UnityHub from Windows system tray.

Install Spatial Reality Display Settings

In order to run Spatial Reality Display applications on a Windows PC and display 3D content on the display, it is necessary to install Spatial Reality Display Settings in the PC.

The following software is installed by the installer.

  1. Spatial Reality Display libraries
  2. Spatial Reality Display device drivers
  3. Spatial Reality Display Settings app

To install:

  1. Execute Spatial Reality Display Settings Installer file and launch the installer.

  2. The following window is showed. Click "Next".
  3. On the window below, select an arbitrary folder as the installation purpose folder and click "Next".
  4. The following window is showed. Click "Next".
  5. It takes a few dozens of seconds to complete the installation.
  6. If the following window is showed, the installation was successful. Click "Close" to complete.