Use the PlayMode in Unity Editor

You can see the preview in your Spatial Reality Display using Unity's PlayMode as you always do in the development using Unity.

  1. Setup your Spatial Reality Display, if not, see: Setup Spatial Reality DisplaySetup Spatial Reality Display Settings
  2. Set up your Unity project installed SRDisplay UnityPlugin, if not, see: Set up for Unity

  1. You MUST close all GameView windowes, otherwise you will get the following error and SRDisplay GameView will not perform properly.

  2. Click SRDisplay GameView (Full Screen) under the SpatialRealityDisplay menu, then you should see SRDisplay GameView in your Spatial Reality Display.

    1. You can toggle SRDisplay GameView with F11 key

You can continue to use Unity as normal. Just press the Play button to play your app in Unity Editor.


The performance of Unity's PlayMode is less than playing a build. You will feel more latency in PlayMode than playing a build.