We have prepared a sample project for the Spatial Reality Display. You can download the project from here.


Only one Spatial Reality Display app can be run at a time. Additional apps will fail to launch.

Main Menu is the startup map of the project. You can select samples from the list with Up, Down and Enter keys.

In the sample, just the cube is floating and rotating.

In the sample, the character "primitive stick guy" will be looking at you always :)

In the sample, a function called Spatial Clipping is used. You will see two cylinders floating in the air and one is clipped in the middle. You can toggle Spatial Clipping on and off with Space key. When Spatial Clipping is off, you will find another cylinder which is placed out of the Spatial Reality Display View Space.

In the sample, you can move around the map with W, A, S and D keys. You can change camera pose with Left, Right, Up and Down keys. You will see that you can move and rotate the camera by changing Location and Rotation parameters of SRDisplay Manager Actor.

In the sample, you can drag the box and change its position.