Crosstalk Correction

We prepare the Crosstalk Correction algorithm in Spatial Reality Display. Click here for more information about Crosstalk Correction.

  1. Setup your Spatial Reality Display, if not, see: Setup Spatial Reality DisplaySetup Spatial Reality Display Settings
  2. Set up your Unity project installed SRDisplay UnityPlugin, if not, see: Setup for Unity, Create your simple app "Hello cube!"

Open SRDisplayManager component in Inspector window.

  1. Is Crosstalk Correction Active

    You can choose to turn on or off the Crosstalk Correction.

  2. Crosstalk Correction Type

    You can select the crosstalk correction algorithm from the following.

    1. Medium gradation correction
    2. All gradation correction
    3. All gradation correction (High precise)

    Click here for details on each crosstalk correction algorithm.