Beta Functions

This beta function is under development and provided for the purpose of final adjustment for the completion of the official release version of mocopi.

On the ‘Connecting the sensors’ screen of mocopi application, tap ︙ in the top right corner of the screen and check 'Enabled Advanced Functions'.​​

By reassigning ankle sensors to the upper arms, you can prioritize the tracking fidelity of the upper body.​

With 'Enabled Advanced Functions' set, select the tracking mode you wish to use from the 'Select tracking mode' screen and follow the on-screen guidance to attach and calibrate the sensors.

To move the sensor on the ankle (ANKLE) to the upper arm (UPPER ARM), it is possible to extend the ankle band in the following way. The band for the extension must be provided by the customer. Subsequent steps in the app are the same as when default mode is selected.​