Technical Specifications

It is recommended that you use the type of local network environment shown in the figure below.

  1. The smartphone connects to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band.
  2. To avoid interference with Bluetooth, it is recommended that you turn off the 2.4 GHz band on the wireless router/access point.
  3. Set the PC firewall to allow data to be received at the UDP port number (initial value: 12351) specified in the mocopi PC connection settings.
  4. Use a different UDP port number when receiving motion data for multiple avatars.


Various terms of use are applied to the network services, content, and software (including operating systems) installed on this product or available for use with this product. Please note that their provision may be suspended or terminated, or their content may be changed, without notice, or separate subscriptions or payment of fees may be required for their use.

Internet protocol IPv4
Communication protocol UDP
Port number Any unused port (initial app value: 12351)


  1. Be sure to set the address in IPv4 format when specifying the IP address. "localhost" and IPv6 format are not supported.
  2. It is presumed that mocopi will be used in a local network. Therefore, the motion data is not encrypted during transmission. If the data is transmitted over the Internet, the transmission may be intercepted and the data may leak.
  3. It is recommended that you notify users of the created application that the motion data is not encrypted.


Use a different port number for each player when sending and receiving motion data of multiple players.

The bone structure of the skeleton defined by mocopi is as follows.

Index Joint Name Index Joint Name
0 root 14 l_hand
1 torso_1 15 r_shoulder
2 torso_2 16 r_up_arm
3 torso_3 17 r_low_arm
4 torso_4 18 r_hand
5 torso_5 19 l_up_leg
6 torso_6 20 l_low_leg
7 torso_7 21 l_foot
8 neck_1 22 l_toes
9 neck_2 23 r_up_leg
10 head 24 r_low_leg
11 l_shoulder 25 r_foot
12 l_up_arm 26 r_toes
13 l_low_arm