"mocopi" logo

Please read the following Terms and Conditions of Use before using the "mocopi" logo.

Mobile Motion Capture "mocopi" Logo Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully if you wish to use the mocopi logo. You may download logo data from the website designated on this site only after agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, and you may use the logo according to the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions. By downloading the logo data, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Purpose of Use

    mocopi provided by Sony Corporation (including subsidiaries of Sony Corporation, "SONY") and motion data acquired by mocopi will be used on web pages, in media, and in marketing materials, etc. to promote services for Metaverse and software development kits that can be linked to 3D development software.

  2. Logo for Use

    The mocopi logo ("mocopi Logo") shown below.

  3. Terms of Use

    (1) I shall only use the mocopi Logo for the purposes described above. I shall dispose of data immediately after use.
    (2) I shall submit samples of media (advertising materials, websites, etc.) in which the mocopi Logo is actually used, and comply with any modification instructions from SONY.
    (3) I shall comply with any separate instructions from SONY regarding the use of the mocopi Logo.
    (4) If notified directly or indirectly by SONY to cease use of the mocopi Logo, I shall promptly comply with such notification.
    (5) I shall follow the guidelines set forth below.

  4. Disclaimer

    SONY makes no warranty, express or implied, that the mocopi Logo is substantially and legally free from defects (including, but not limited to, defects, errors or bugs in terms of safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, validity, fitness for a particular purpose or security). SONY shall not be in any way liable for any loss or damage incurred by others in connection with the mocopi Logo or use of the mocopi Logo.

  5. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

    SONY may change these Terms and Conditions at any time when deemed necessary by SONY.

I hereby agree to use the mocopi Logo in the manner described above.


By downloading and using the logo data, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

"mocopi" Logo Guidelines

1. About these guidelines

These Guidelines are subject to revision or abolition without prior notice.

2. About the Logo

2.1 Territories where the logo may be used

The "mocopi" logo may be used in Japan and the United States.

2.2 Local language support

The "mocopi" logo shall be used universally in all territories where it is used, and shall not be translated into local languages.

3. Appropriate trademark indications and attribution statement

3.1 Trademark indications


When referencing "mocopi" in plain text in printed matter or on websites, etc., add the trademark symbol (® or ™) the first time it appears in the document, etc. Do not use the ® symbol in territories where "mocopi" is not registered as a trademark.


In principle, the "mocopi" logo does not need to be accompanied by a trademark symbol (® or ™).

3.2 Attribution statement

When referencing "mocopi" in plain text or when using the "mocopi" logo, clearly indicate in at least one place that "mocopi" is a trademark owned by Sony Corporation.

Example) "mocopi" logo is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

When it is difficult to include an attribution statement due to the type of media in which it is published, set up a page of information on the trademark on your website and create a link or provide a URL to that page.

4. Logo display rules

4.1 Correct logo form and reproduction method

The "mocopi" logo should be displayed in monochrome (white, black, gray, or silver) and in the correct specified shape and form. When reproducing the "mocopi" logo, use the digital logo data provided with these Terms of Use and accurately reproduce the logo as-is, without making any alterations or distorting or changing the aspect ratio.

<Positive and negative displays> In principle, the "mocopi" logo is displayed in a positive state, but it can also be inverted or whited out and displayed in a negative state for visual effect or due to restrictions on positive displays.

4.2 Logo size specifications and minimum size

"mocopi" logo size specifications
When determining the size of the "mocopi" logo, refer to the character height of the logo (H), as shown below.

Minimum size of the "mocopi" logo
The minimum size of the "mocopi" logo should be set at 4 mm in character height, as a rule. If the logo is displayed too small, its shape may be distorted or it may be blurred when printed. In principle, the minimum font size for display on a Web screen, etc., should be 35 pixels in height. However, if space is limited, the logo may be displayed in a size that can be accurately reproduced and that can maintain visibility.

4.3 Combinations of logo display colors and background colors

The "mocopi" logo and background color combination should be chosen carefully. The "mocopi" logo should be displayed in monochrome (white, black, gray, and silver) as specified in "4.1 Correct logo form and reproduction method". While the background color is not specified, a combination of brightness, saturation, and contrast that clearly distinguishes the "mocopi" logo should be selected, and the "mocopi" logo should be displayed in a single color.

Below are examples of the colors variations for the "mocopi" logo when the basic display colors are used

4.4 Logo isolation zones

The "mocopi" logo should always be displayed clearly and conspicuously. The background should be considered so as not to weaken the impression of the "mocopi" logo, and there should be sufficient margins (isolation zones) around the logo.

4.5 Prohibition of logo combinations

The "mocopi" logo should always be positioned so that it is clear, conspicuous and independent, without being combined with other elements (text, graphics, etc.).