The mocopi Receiver Plugin for MotionBuilder (hereinafter, "MotionBuilder Plugin") can receive motion data sent from a mocopi app via UDP and apply it to an avatar in a MotionBuilder project.

You can move an avatar and record the avatar movement (motion data) in MotionBuilder.


This guide presumes that you have knowledge of MotionBuilder when explaining the plugin.

Refer to the MotionBuilder Manual, etc. for details about how to use MotionBuilder.

The "" file distributed on the Downloads page contains the following files.
├─ mocopi_SDK_EULA_JP.pdf  Software End User License Agreement (Japanese)
├─ mocopi_SDK_EULA_ENG.pdf  Software End User License Agreement (English)
├─ README.txt
└─ mb2019 - mb2024  Receiver Plugin storage folder (by MotionBuilder version)
   ├─ mocopi_plugin_mb.dll
   └─ sony_motion_format.dll

(vX.X.X represents the version number)