The mocopi Receiver Plugin for Maya (hereinafter, "Maya Plugin") can receive motion data sent from the mocopi app via UDP and apply it to an avatar in a Maya project. It can be used to stream motion data to Maya 2022, Maya 2023 and Maya 2024 and Maya 2025 and is available for Windows and Mac.

This guide will provide information on the basic tasks that can be accomplished on Maya using the plugin on Windows.
On Mac, only a few file paths (e.g. for installation) will change, the plugin UI will be almost the same.

You can animate the mocopi character; drive another 3D character using the mocopi character’s motion as source, and you can also record the character movement (motion data) in Maya, to be used later or applied to another character.


  1. This guide presumes that you have knowledge of Autodesk Maya.
    Refer to the Maya documentation for details about how to use Maya.
  2. The mocopi Receiver plugin for Maya is required for receiving mocopi motion data from the mocopi sensors in Maya.

The "" file distributed on the Downloads page contains the following files.
├─ mocopi_SDK_EULA_JP.pdf  Software End User License Agreement (Japanese)
├─ mocopi_SDK_EULA_ENG.pdf  Software End User License Agreement (English)
├─ mocopi_SDK_EULA_Internatinal ENG.pdf  Software End User License Agreement (English)
├─ mocopi_SDK_EULA_CHS.pdf  Software End User License Agreement (Chinese)
├─ README.txt
└─ MocopiMayaPlugin_X.X.X (Maya 2022, Maya 20223, Maya 2024, Maya 2025) Plugin folder

(vX.X.X represents the version number)