To use the Receiver Plugin, you must send motion data by UDP from the mocopi app to the PC on which Unity/MotionBuilder/Unreal is installed.

Start sending the motion data using the following procedure.

Refer to the mocopi App Manual/Help regarding the detailed operating procedure for a mocopi app. Here, the procedure is explained based on the presumption that the initial setup of the mocopi app has been completed.

  1. Start the mocopi app.
  2. Connect the sensors and run the calibration.
    The tracking screen appears when the calibration is successful.
  3. Tap [Motion] in the upper part of the screen.
    Switch to the "Motion" mode.
  4. If it is set to [SAVE] (Motion Save feature), tap it so that it is switched to the [SEND] button (Motion Send feature).
  5. Tap the [Capture] button.


    The PC Transfer dialog appears if you have not configured the connection settings with the PC.

    Tap the [Network settings] button, and on the PC Connection Settings screen specify the IP address of the destination PC and the UDP port (initial value: 12351) to use. In addition, check that "mocopi (UDP)" is selected for the transmission format.

    The PC Transfer dialog appears if you have not configured the connection settings with the PC.

    You can check your PC's IP address by following the steps below.

    For Windows:

    1. Open a Command Prompt.
      Search "cmd" on the Windows menu.
    2. Type "ipconfig" and check the IP address in "IPv4 address".

    For macOS:

    1. Open [System Preferences] and click [Network] icon.
    2. Ckick [Ethernet] or [Wi-Fi] and check the IP address (IPv4 address).

The UDP transmission of motion data has now been started.


  1. Be sure to set the address in IPv4 format when specifying the IP address. "localhost" and IPv6 format are not supported.
  2. It is presumed that mocopi will be used in a local network. Therefore, the motion data is not encrypted during transmission. If the data is transmitted over the Internet, the transmission may be intercepted and the data may leak.


Instead of using the mocopi app and sensors, you can use BVH Sender to send motion data (BVH format) recorded by the mocopi app.

For more details, refer to BVH Sender.