Professional Audio

Music…it’s an essential part of humanity.

For more than sixty years, Sony has been supporting the people who create music, through the power of technology, as well as helping to greatly expand its enjoyment around the world.

From Sony’s first professional product, the C-37A microphone,
to the latest 360 Reality Audio format,
here's the story of Sony’s ongoing pro audio history.


Everyone who sees the microphone standing
there thinks of the performance that will take place.

In the more than 60 years since the first professional product,
the C-37A, Sony has built a committed relationship with
people in the field of music production based on technology.

This is the history of Sony Pro Audio as told by these people,
and the story that continues to this day.


In the process of music production, not only musical instruments,
but also various types of audio equipment are needed.

The audio equipment that is usually the closest to
the performer is probably the microphone and headphones.

Sony microphones and monitor headphones continue to be favored
by artists and have been sought after through the long history of Sony Pro Audio.

Spatial Sound

360 Reality Audio is a new immersive music experience
using Sony’s spatial sound technologies.

Artists and creators can dynamically place and control individual sounds
in a 360 degree spherical sound field and immerse listeners
in sound from all around.

Let a Grammy award-winning producer show you how to create music
in 360 Reality Audio and discover more information about the tools, workflow, supported studios and FAQ here.