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Questions about our efforts to prevent COVID-19 spread

Q.What action is SIG (Sony Imaging Gallery) taking to prevent COVID-19 from spreading?
A.See here.
Q.What will happen to the exhibitions that were postponed?
A.The postponed exhibitions will be rescheduled and hosted at the best possible time. Of course, when a specific exhibition will be held will depend greatly on and will ultimately be decided by the photographer.
Q.What should I do to place my postcards (DM) and flyers in SIG?
A.Regretfully, due to the present circumstances, we are not accepting requests for your postcards or flyers at this time.


Q.What days and times is SIG (Sony Imaging Gallery) open?
A.SIG is open year-round from 11:00 – 19:00 *, except on days that Ginza Place is closed.
*The gallery will close at 18:00 until further notice and may close earlier than usual on the opening and final days of events.
Q.Where is SIG?
A.Click here for an Access.
Q.Is there parking?
A.Sorry, but we do not provide gallery parking.
Q.How much does it cost?
A.Admission is free.
Q.Can I sip on a coffee or snack while looking at the photos?
A.No, we do not allow food or drinks in the gallery.
Q.Can I take photos in the gallery?
A.The rules on photography vary exhibition by exhibition. When picture-taking is permitted, you cannot use tripods or take photos for the purpose of replicating shown works.
Q.Where can I learn about the Sony World Photography Awards?
A.Visit the official website of the World Photography Organization.
Q.Where can I learn about the Sony Imaging Pro Support program?
A.Visit the official website of the Sony Imaging Pro Support program in each country or region.
Sony Imaging PRO Support US
Sony Imaging PRO Support Canada
Sony Imaging PRO Support Mexico
Sony Imaging PRO Support Europe
Russia CIS
Sony Imaging PRO Support Russia CIS
Sony Imaging PRO Support Japan
Sony Imaging PRO Support China
Sony Imaging PRO Support Korea
Sony Imaging PRO Support Taiwan
Hong Kong
Sony Imaging PRO Support Hong Kong
Sony Imaging PRO Support Australia
Sony Imaging PRO Support India