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Exhibiting Photographer

Swastik Pal

Swastik Pal graduated from Calcutta University, India. After completing his post graduate diploma in mass communication at Jadavpur University, received a full scholarship to pursue a Diploma in Photojournalism at the Asian Center for Journalism, a World Press Photo partner organisation at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. Keenly interested in photography and filmmaking, is presently an independent photographer based in Kolkata, working on long term projects. Recently completed a Masters in Film Studies at Jadavpur University, Kolkata and is currently working on the last chapter of his long term trilogy in the Sundarbans, in collaboration with Newcastle University, London.


Sundarbans is a mangrove area bordering India

Jayati Saha

A split second storyteller telling stories without saying a single word, photo-artist Jayati Saha of India amazes with her frames of nuanced light and shadow, seamlessly fusing her art with technical finesse.
With her art exhibited and owned worldwide, Jayati is a much-in-demand artist, teacher and competition judge. Her extremely sensitive eye has captured moments glistening with human emotions and her forte is seeing the unseen and the unnoticed. Also is a contributor at Getty Images, Inc., USA and was the adjudicator at the photography competition hosted by SAARC, 2015

Interview at Grandma's School

Grandm's School in Pangan Village, Maharashtra, India was established on March 8, 2016, International Women's Day, by Yogendra Bangaru, an elementary school teacher in the village, for grandmothers without access to education.

Dhritman Mukherjee

One of India's most accomplished nature, wildlife and conservation photographers, Dhritiman Mukherjee is an explorer and wanderer. In the last 25 years has pushed his limits as a photographer to do compelling and scientifically essential work.
Purely working in the field and spending 300 days a year in the wild, Dhritiman has worked on vast species and habitats in 42 countries, including extensive work in India. Has trekked the highest reaches of the Himalayas in search of the elusive snow leopard and spent years tracking brown bears. Has climbed a volcano in the Congo to shoot active lava lakes and paraglided in the Himalayas to photograph vultures in flight. His work has taken him from the Arctic to Antarctica to photograph underwater ice formations and polar life and to the depths of frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia to photograph Baikal seals. Has dived in underwater caves in Mexico, swum through the streams of Brazil to shoot the anaconda and photographed the American crocodile up close. Has spent months crouched on wet rainforest floors in search of the tiniest creatures and explored deep inside vertical caves in search of the world's largest troglobitic blind fish.
Has won innumerable awards for his vibrant images including NHM WPY, Natures Best and DGMPC. The accolades that he holds dearest are the Carl Zeiss, RBS Earth Hero and Kirloskar Vasundhara Mitra awards as received these for using his images for conservation. Was a jury member for the wildlife photographer of the year by the Natural History Museum of London 2022 and the 6th National award for photography from the Government of India. Now is an ambassador of RoundGlass Sustain and a Sony Explorer.

Faheem Qadri

Faheem is a freelance photographer born and based in the Vale of Kashmir who became obsessed with the camera and its purpose during his travels and treks deep inside the Himalayas.
Photography gave him an unusual mode of expression, which eventually became his passion; conflict in his homeland gave another dimension and a chance to look into to the lives of people and the environment affected by it.


“Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival”, Thailand February 8 - February 14, 2013.


Fellow on the "Child Rights in Conflict in Kashmir" by Action Aid International.
Educator for “Adobe Youth Voices” supported by Adobe Foundation.

Jhuma Datta

Jhuma Datta has always had a life-long passion for the wilderness, which drove her into the world of photography. Nature and landscape photography are her first love and prime area of interest. A globe trotter and passionate traveller, has travelled extensively, capturing the many moods and facets of Mother Nature. Has hosted five solo and several group exhibitions in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. Accredited by organizations like National Geographic Traveller, Smart Photography, Better Photography, 121,
Wikimedia Foundation, International Mountain Summit, India Today and India International Centre who use her stills. Is involved in photography workshops and judging competitions.