Video Exhibition of Nozomi Hirai / Hiroto Minai / Caori Murata Transformation

Nozomi Hirai Profile

She Knows

MY room moon

Hiroto Minai Profile

He is a seventeen-year-old junior currently attending Shotoku Gakuen High School.

In creating video works, he wants to move people's hearts without relying on words and is concerned with expressing subtlety in facial expressions and movements. In this work, fifteen images were taken to make a one-second movie. In the future, as an animator, he wants to create works that excite people around the world.

It gives me great pleasure to be the youngest artist to participate in this group exhibition. I hope you will be able to view our works. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

One eye and One AI

The story of a ghost who yearns for true love and a girl who has come to exterminate ghosts.

This work was created to project the feelings I have about my internal weaknesses and relationships into my artwork.

In the video, the preconceptions that arise between a human and a ghost, two beings who do not usually intersect,
and the aggression that arises from these preconceptions, were stripped of their prettiness; the bare emotions were
created to infuse meaning into the stage set, characters, composition, light and colors.

Caori Murata Profile

Born in Tokyo in 1994. She has been drawing pictures since she was a child and began creating animation while still in school. After graduating from Musashino Art University, she studied animation at the graduate school. Currently working as a freelance illustrator and animation creator, she is involved in commercial work such as music videos, commercials and illustration production.

A lover of foreign picture books since childhood, she first visited Cornwall, England a few years ago and was very impressed by Barbara Hepworth and her studio. She first visited Italy at a film festival in Ravenna, and later visited Alberobello, where she was attracted by the southern climate and landscape. Her language skills are poor; so, her goal is to become fluent in a foreign language. Another of her goals is to have a small studio abroad where she can live and visit different places while working on her productions and creations.

From the fabulous water

A seaside house