Keita Sato Photo Exhibition TOKYO REALITY

It has happened to me before while wandering the streets of Tokyo to suddenly realize that I don’t know where I am.
From what I see, the urban landscape is being homogenized for the sake of better efficiency and logistics. How people look at the world is being molded by the coexistence and fusion of things organic and inorganic, human and artificial. And, as technologies like the internet and virtual reality pervade every inch of society, the boundaries between what is real and what is not are being blurred.

This is the surrealism I sense in the city of Tokyo.

Not long after 2020 had gotten underway, a novel coronavirus spread around the world and changed everything. It not only changed the public and private spaces around us but also how we look at it all.
There was the reality we lived before. Now, there is a new reality starring back at us. Then, you have to wonder what kind of reality is in store for us next.

Where are we, right now?

Keita Sato Profile

Born in Tokyo
Graduated from the School of Arts and Letters at Meiji
University with a major in English and American literature
Graduated from the Nippon Photography Institute


Konica Minolta Foto Premio

Solo Exhibitions

“Urban Temperament”, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo
“Unvirtual Tokyo”, Canon Gallery Ginza, Nagoya, Osaka

Official website

Gallery Talk with Miyuki Fushimi,
former Chief Editor of Asahi Camera (In Japanese)