Yume Naruse Photo Exhibition
Prima of The Crescent Moon

I studied classical ballet for 15 years, but I didn’t always like going to practice. It comes with a lot of sacrifice because ballet has to be written into your daily schedule. Most dancers start when they are young and commit all of their time right from the very beginning. So, I wanted to capture why, despite all of the downside, these girls continue to dance.

In a nutshell, performing means everything to them. From a very early age, these girls have ballet in their heads 24-7. Whether just one day, months on end or years in the making, they pour their hearts out on the stage. And, when one performance ends, they start preparing for the next one. To them, the stage is a special place where a confluence of tension and discipline causes emotions to well up and race about the mind.

For these girls, the time and effort they put into ballet is not a story of toil and struggle. After all, they like to dance. They enjoy performing. That’s why they radiate a perennial glow both on and off the stage.

Yume Naruse

Yume Naruse Profile

Born on August 7, 2000. Resides in Osaka.
Got into photography after joining the photography club at Tezukayama Gakuin High School. Currently attending classes at the Japan Institute of Photography and Film.
Practiced classical ballet from age 4 to 15, before switching to ballet, now in her fifth year.

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Career Highlights


Gold Medal & Prime Minister’s Award, Student Category, 65th JPCA Photo Contest
Grand Prize, U18 Category, 44th Exhibition of the JPS
Gran Prix, 32nd Mainichi - DAS Student Design Awards
Honorable Mention, Print Category, meet up! -selection-
Silver Medal, Student Category, 64th JPCA Photo Contest
Bronze Medal, High School Student Category, 2016 All-Japan Photographic Contest
Bronze Medal, High School Student Category, 2018 All-Japan Photographic Contest
Award for Excellence, 66th Nikon Photo Contest
Honorable Mention, 67th Nikon Photo Contest
Accepted to Show, U18 Category, 43rd Exhibition of the JPS (2018)
Honorable Mention, Student Category, 63rd JPCA Photo Contest
Accepted to Show, Pictorio Photo Contest 2019-2020
Nominated for 5 Awards: Sony Award, Epson Award, Higashikawa “The Town of Photography” Award, Masato Terauchi Award and Jim Casper Award, Onaeba 2019 Yokohama
3rd Place, “If I Had to Choose Just One” Visitor’s Award; Nominated for the Model Portrait Category, Onaeba 2017 Kansai
1st Place & Regional Representative at Nationals, Photography Category, 37th Kinki High School Art & Culture Fest AJSHSCF Award, Photography Category, 42nd All-Japan Senior High School Culture Fest
Accepted to Show, 33rd Mainichi - DAS Student Design Awards
Pictorio Award, 2nd West Japan High School Photography Club Invitational Exhibition
Accepted to Show, High School Student Category, 2017 Mainichi Photo Contest
Accepted to Show, 5th Japan - Korea - China High School Photo Contest
Accepted to Show, 6th Japan - Korea - China High School Photo Contest


March 2019
First Solo Exhibition: “Yume is Dream”, Ai Gallery
“JIPF Annual Exhibition”
“JIPF 1st Year Students Invitational Exhibition”, PIAS GALLERY
“Ashiya Photographic Exhibition 2019”, Haradanomor Gallery
“Suzushii Photo Exhibition”, Fujifilm Osaka Service Station
“meet up! - selection - Winning Works Exhibition”, Epsite Gallery, Epson Square Marunouchi
“1st Photo Mall Exhibition: Views Captured by 5 Photographers”, Art Mall Gallery


December 2019
“KANTAN Recipe ~Season's~”
Collaboration with apparel brand “WAWW”
“GRAND OPERA” (Book) (Published by la Réunion des Musées Nationaux [RMN])

Gallery Talk with Photographer Masato Terauchi (In Japanese)