Yoshimi Harada Photo Exhibition Squirrely little critters!

The first time I ever saw a wild Siberian flying squirrel (Sciuridae) was in March 2016 in the subfreezing air of Hokkaido. I was touched by its cute, adorable appearance, with its large eyes glittering in the dim light, and its head and body twisting to get out from the small tree hollow. I instantly fell head over heels in love with this national treasure.

No sooner did the squirrels emerge from their hollows than they took flight and glided off into the darkness. Maybe it was just an illusion...?
No, even an illusion would be fine. I want to see them again!

My life changed in that instant and ever since I’ve been travelling to find squirrels. Now, all year long, I’m chasing down the squirrels in Japan. I admire the way they run around freely and put every ounce of energy into their daily lives even though they are often threatened by the ever-changing environment and natural predators.

I came across a squirrel, it captivated me, and I fell in love. Every time I see them, I discover a side I have never seen before. I ended up in taking pictures avidly as I want to know more about them and get closer to them. I hope that the gestures and expressions of the squirrels will let you feel the scents of the seasons, the air of the forest, and last but not at least the charm of the squirrels.

Yoshimi Harada Profile

Born in Tokyo in 1985 and continues to live there to this day. Graduated from Kitasato University with a major in Genesiology, Department of Animal Resource Science, School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.
After graduating from the university, she worked as an embryologist for three years in the medical field because of her love for cells. In 2014, when she was lost in her life looking for something to be absorbed in, she came across a collection of beautiful underwater photos. Inspired by this collection, she started to get into photography in autumn of the same year. In March 2016, she had a life-changing encounter with a wild Siberian flying squirrel. This experience reminded her of her love for animals and inspired her to start photographing squirrels living in Japan.

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Career Highlights

Jan. 2016
Award winner at the “Machida Photo Contest”
Photos published in Sha-Girl Vol. 27 (Ei Publishing)
Feb. 2017
“Onaeba” exhibition at CP+ Yokohama
Jun. 2017
“Ikitoshi Ikeru Mono” (All of God’s creatures, great and small)
open call exhibition by Awagami Factory at Fotori Gallery
Dec. 2017
“Mekuru Mekuru” (Flipping through photos) windup exhibition
for the Kan Mimura Workshop at Le Déco
Feb. 2018
“Mezase (Work toward) solo exhibition” (Voted #1 by visitors) at Gallery Nadar
Mar. 2018
Exhibited the work at Awagami Factory’s booth at CP+ Yokohama
Nov. 2018
“Risu Para” (Squirrel paradise) solo exhibition at Gallery Nadar
Dec. 2018
“Mekuru Mekuru II” (Flipping through photos) windup exhibition
for the Kan Mimura Workshop at Hiroshige Gallery
Jan. 2019
“Waku Waku Dobutsu” (Animals that cheer me up) exhibition at Gallery Nadar
Jan. 2019
Photos published in “41st Lens That Changed How I Take Photos”,
Digital Camera Magazine (Impress) Feb. 2019 edition
Jul. 2019
“Henai 7” (Predilections of 7 photographers) group exhibition at Nine Gallery