Momoka Ariyasu Photo Exhibition a song of Hope

Popstar Momoka Ariyasu is making a new start as a solo artist and photographer.
At this exhibition, the budding photographer presents hope-inspiring photographs of everyday odds and ends that the seasoned musician has linked to music. By expressively intertwining works from her university years and new photo rolls with music, Ariyasu tries to convey the “fun” and “attraction” of photography. You will be treated to the multifaceted world of Momoka Ariyasu through photo prints, music and images projected on monitors.

Momoka Ariyasu Profile

Born on March 15, 1995. Singer, photographer. Began a career in show business before the age of one, appearing since in numerous commercials, dramas and music videos. Graduated in photography from the Faculty of Arts at Nihon University in March 2017. Received a Special Commendation from the Faculty of Arts and the Encouragement Award from the Department of Photography. In January 2018, quit the idol group she had been member of for 8 years. In January 2019, announced her start as a new performer and photographer.