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Account Help

If you are having trouble.

  • Problems creating a new account
▼ Can multiple accounts be created with the same email address?
Only one account can be created for a specific email address.
If you wish to create multiple accounts, register a different email address for each account.
* Please provide an email address that can receive HTML emails.
▼ Can multiple services be accessed from a single account?
You can do it.  Further information is available here
▼ During account creation, the message "The email address you entered is not valid." appears.
If your valid email address cannot be registered as the sign-in ID, you may have entered your email address incorrectly.
Check the following and try again.
  • Has the email address been entered completely including the domain part after @?
  • Has the email address been entered in single-byte characters?
  • See if a period "." has been entered incorrectly. * A comma "," may have been mistakenly entered.
▼ If you do not receive the verification email
  • Confirm whether you are registered with the wrong email address. You can view your registered email address from the "Account settings" screen.
  • Check if your email address or email application you are using is blocking the email from reaching your inbox.
     * Emails related to your account will be sent from the following domain.
  • Check if the email was received in your spam/junk box.
  • It may also display due to temporary server traffic or a failure. Check the service maintenance status.
  • Emails related to your account will be sent in HTML format (not in plain text). Check if your email address and email application supports HTML content
If emails still do not reach your specified email address after attempting the above, try creating an account, changing your sign-in ID (email address), resetting your password, and other operations from scratch.
▼ The confirmation email cannot be opened and the link inside the email cannot be accessed
If you cannot open/read emails regarding your account If you cannot access the URL found inside the email regarding your account. The "Verify" button in the confirmation email does not appear or cannot be pressed
▼ The message "This session has expired. Please start again from the beginning." appears on the confirmation screen when I press the "Verify" button in the confirmation email, or the "Reset" button in a password reset email.
▼ During account creation, Your email address has not been verified. Verify your email address from the message you received.
During account creation, if you do not push [Verify] button on email verification mail, your email address can not be verified.
First select [Verify] for email address verification, and then select [Already Verified] on the Verify Email page.
▼ Can you consolidate the information of multiple accounts into one?
If you have multiple accounts, they cannot be consolidated into one account.
  • Problems signing in
▼ I forgot my password required to sign in
If you forgot your password, please see here.
▼ Change your date of birth or country/region
Your date of birth and country/region cannot be changed after registering your account.
▼ When signing in, I was asked to reset my password. A verification code was emailed to me, and I was asked to enter it.
To protect your account, you may be asked to reset your password or enter a verification code. Please follow the instructions.