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Tsuneo Yamashita Photo Exhibition Day by day IV

These photos capture everyday events familiar to all - cars driving past giraffes at a safari park, elementary school kids walking back to school from a fieldtrip in single file, a couple on a rental boat, a bridge about to sink in the swelled waters of a river, a moat covered in flower petals, high school students throwing rocks into a river, a desolate fishing pond, dried reeds along a riverbank and so on and so forth. Each one grabbed my attention for a moment and, as I took note, they became my memories.

A photograph captures only what the eyes can see, but it can also stir your imagination as to what it does not reveal. Ever since I joined the photography club in junior high school, a camera has always been by my side. I’ve been at this for over 45 years now, yet I still today ponder why I take pictures and what makes a good photo. And, I still cannot put an answer into words, but one thing for sure is that I borrow what is visible to the eye and try to capture that which is not visible to the eye. It is all quite personal like memories from my childhood and thoughts of long lost friends. But, I hope that those who see my work look at it freely. As the creator, nothing could make me happier than to know that a particular photo made a lasting impression on someone.

Tsuneo Yamashita Profile

Born in Tokyo in 1961. Graduated in photography from Nihon University’s College of Art in 1984.
His first camera was an X-15 Kodak Instamatic that was bought for him when he was 9.
In 5th grade, began developing film used with an Asahi Pentax SP that was bought for him.
Has been taking pictures almost every day since entering junior high school.

<Solo Exhibitions>

“High School Diaries”, Canon Salon (Ginza and Hiroshima)
“day by day”, Ginza Kodak Photo Salon
“day by day Ⅱ”, Roonee 247 Photography
“day by day Ⅲ”, Epsite Gallery
“day by day at Age 15”, Roonee 247 Fine Arts

<Group Exhibitions>

“Another Time on the Ryukyu Islands”, Paris Photo, Paris
“Now, Here is the Journey”, The Month of Photography, Tokyo, Konica Minolta Plaza

<Photo Collections>

“Okinawa Yaeyama Islands ”, Creo
“Another Time on the Ryukyu Islands ”, Tosei Publishing Co., Ltd,
“Shimaumui (Lives and Landscapes in Yaeyama Islands) ”, Riverside Book