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Kyushu Sangyo University Graduate School of Fine Arts Photo Exhibition Recording

This photo exhibition presents the work of three photography students from the Kyushu Sangyo University Graduate School of Fine Arts.
During our two years of graduate school, we have each pursued a personal mode of expression fueled by the world we have observed around us and the plethora of thoughts we have shared with our friends.

The “On the Record” title is intended to mean that each of us has recorded how the situation in a particular field of interest changed over an extended period of time.

Kanji Hayashi recorded reconstruction work at Fukuoka Airport and the people using the airport. Takumi Yamaguchi explored the layers of things formed by the way a residential district he discovered in Kyushu is laid out. Iyou Ri walked the tunnels under cities in China and Japan, taking pictures.

Thank you for coming to this photo exhibition. We hope you will enjoy the photographic records we logged in our respective fields of interest.

Showing Artists

Kanji Hayashi

Born in 1994, native of Fukuoka Prefecture. Kanji Hayashi’s main group exhibitions include “I’s Islands” (2015, Fukuoka), “Point” (2016, Fukuoka), “Ichiten” (2016, Fukuoka), “Shimaten” (2017, Fukuoka) and “Aupe” (2017, Korea).

Since around 2015, Hayashi has photographed the Fukuoka Airport terminal as it undergoes renovations and the flux of people going in and out of it, in search of how both people and the city relate to the airport. He also took aerial photos of airplanes.

Takumi Yamaguchi

Born in 1995, native Nagasaki Prefecture. Takumi Yamaguchi’s main solo exhibitions were “I’m Recording” (2016, Fukuoka) and “Whisper of Whirlwind” (2018, Fukuoka). Group exhibitions he partook in include “The Forests in Itozu 1938 / 2016” (2016, Fukuoka) and “Overlap Mapping” (2018, Fukuoka).

Yamaguchi took a series of photos as he explored the “layers” formed by the way buildings were laid out in a residential district in Kyushu. He also recorded things and happenings in the world around him that he encountered on a typical day, with an iPhone.

Iyou Ri

Born in 1992, native of Shanghai. Iyou Ri’s main group exhibitions include “Commencement at the Shanghai University of Engineering Science” (2015, Shanghai), “Ichi” (2016, Fukuoka), “Shimaten” (2017, Fukuoka), “Aupe” (2017, Korea) and “Incheon Asia Marine Media Festival” (2018, Korea).

Ri superimposed her own emotions over photos she took of the unique geometries, colors and other idiosyncratic features of underground passageways and tunnels. She also created collages in which she expresses issues she is sensitive to as a world of make-believe.