Video Production Studio

Sony's "Video Production Studio" pavilion has opened at KidZania Koshien (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture), a facility for children to experience jobs and learn about society.

We hope that as many children as possible will experience the joy of giving shape to their creativity through the experience at this pavilion. In addition, we would like them to realize the wonder of being a video creator, a job that brings excitement to people.
We also hope that the next generation of children, who will live with technology, will open up new possibilities and create the future of entertainment which is yet to be imagined.

What You Can Do

Video creators will shoot and edit their original videos using two cameras.

1. Listening to the explanation
Children learn about the video production process.

2. Shooting a video
Using the cameras and equipment actually used by video creators, you will shoot yourself and items from different angles.

3. Trying out video editing
Children edit the video by adding visual/sound effects via specialized software.

4. Showing the edited video
Finally, the edited video is shown.
You can download the video data that you have produced.


The Video Production Studio is a studio where creative people gather.
As a video creator, children can express themselves through video production using Sony's authentic equipment and studio.

The uniform is based on the image of a 'team' made up of supervisors (staff who support the children's experiences) and children.

Products used at the pavilion

At the pavilion, two different types of cameras are used: the Cinema Line camera "FX3" which is actually used by professional creators in the field, and the "VLOGCAM™ ZV-1 II" for easy and enjoyable video recording, allowing the children to take videos as they like.
During video editing, they can use headphones that are used in many recording studios.

Vlog Camera
Cinema Line Full-frame camera ILME-FX3
Shotgun Microphone

What is KidZania?

KidZania's concept revolves around "edutainment", a carefully arranged combination of "education" and "entertainment".
KidZania is a city where kids play the leading role, experience their favorite jobs using real equipment and tools, and learn about the structure of society, all while having fun!
Children can experience a variety of jobs and services in a city where everything is miniaturized to two-thirds the size of the real world.

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