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Brand New
Olfactive Age

The sense of smell is said to be the least researched of the five senses.
"Smell" has been difficult to handle until now.
The Call for a future where anyone can freely handle smells, we have now developed just the device to do so, the Next-gen Olfactometry System.

Sony has raised the bar, embarking on this new challenge which no one has yet conquered.

Please feel free to contact us regarding Sony's Next-gen Olfactometry System

※This product is not a medical device.

The Next-gen Olfactometry System

Sony's proprietary Odorant Control Technology has made it possible to suppress odor contamination indoors and easily display odorant.
Since this product does not require dedicated facilities or rooms,
it can be easily used in a variety of locations.
Simple operation is realized with a dedicated application, and measurement results can be checked and compared smoothly.

Tensor Valve™ Technology

Sony's unique wire-type linear actuator array technology achieving high output force and high stroke,
along with our Tensor Valve Technology designed highly hermetically sealed cartridges suppress odor leakage,
enable odorant display with a high dynamic range, and allows easy control of a large number of odorants.

Major features

Supresses odorant contamination
Sony's proprietary cartridge structure and effusion technology has achieved a cartridge with high hermeticity, even when using strong odorant cartridges. The deodorizing mechanism built into the main unit prevents odor contamination in the room. Therefore, there is no requirements, such as a need, for dedicated facilities or rooms.
Can easily and quickly present odorants.
Just by selecting the odorant you want to present on the tablet, you can immediately present it. Hand contamination with odorants and mixing of different odorants elements during manipulation is also avoided with our technology. There is no need for messy preparation and cleanup every time an odorant is presented.
Odorants can be presented regardless of the Tester, preventing variations in test conditions.
With this product, by setting the distance from the nose and the length of time that the Odorant is presented, it is possible to present the Odorant more accurately and consistently than when presented manually. This makes it easy to compare and review test results, even when the test facility or the Tester is different.
A dedicated App enables easy recording/
viewing of results and data transfer.
Measurement results can be easily recorded using the dedicated App. Measurement results can be compared and displayed on the App for analysis. Measurement results can be transferred via Wi-Fi®, 2D Codes, USB connection, code reader (optional accessory). You can also print on thermal paper by using a Bluetooth® printer (optional accessory).
Sony's environmentally friendly design uses
unique sustainable materials.
The nose guide, which is replaced for each subject, is made of Triporous™, a porous carbon material made from surplus biomass rice husks, and an original blend of eco-friendly paper materials made from bamboo, sugarcane, and recycled paper recovered from the market. We use this new material which is odorless and environmentally friendly. In addition, a flame-retardant recycled plastic, SORPLAS™, which uses up to 99% of recycled materials, is also used for some parts of the dedicated cartridge, which is a consumable item.

Dedicated cartridge

Dedicated cartridge

High hermeticity performance is achieved even when using strong odorant elements (cartridges). *2

Nose Guide

Nose Guide

By using Sony's own sustainable materials, it is not only hygienic but also environmentally friendly.

Dedicated App

Dedicated App

In addition to automatically recording measurement results for comparative analysis, data transfer is also possible.

Handling of dedicated cartridges

Handling of dedicated cartridges

A dedicated cartridge (for research use) that can be used with this product is also scheduled to be released through a sales company. For more details, please see the sales company website below.
Daiichi Yakuhin Sangyo Co., Ltd.

*This site is in only Japanese.

How to use

The subject aligns nose with the newly installed nose guide on the main unit.

The Tester selects an odorant by operating the tablet and presents it to the Subject.

Test results are displayed and recorded on the tablet.*The screen is a sample image.

Wide range of applications

※This product is not a medical device.

This product can be used in a wide range of applications, including olfactory threshold research, olfactory training,
and presentation of Odorant samples, at medical institutions, research institutions, and local governments. Please feel free to contact us.


※This is for dedicated inquiries about the Next-gen Olfactometry System.
※We also accept product info doc requests related to the Odorant display device.
※For more info regarding the dedicated cartridges, please contact the sales company above.

Our sincerest apologies, please be patient, we are currently working on our Inquiry Page and will launch it soon.

Product specifications

Model No. NOS-DX1000
Maximum external dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 37.4 x 37.8 x 25.3 (cm)
Mass Approx. 5.2kg
Power source (main body) DX 12V (using supplied AC adapter)
Power consumption Max. approx. 6 W
recommended emvironment Ambient temperature:20℃~25℃
Ambient humidity: 40%~70%
Olfactory source Cartridge system (one cartridge can be filled with up to 40 different olfactors).
*Please visit a sales company's website for more information on dedicated olfactometer cartridges.
Olfactory switchover time Approx. 3 sec.
Olfactory presentation time 1 to 10 seconds
Smell presentation method (olfactometer discharge method) Gas diffusion method (non-heated, dry air method)
How to use Operated from a dedicated app on an attached tablet
Data transfer method
  • Data transfer via Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth®/USB connection (csv, jpeg) *Need to operate with file manager on Android™ OS
  • Data transfer (csv) by barcode reader (optional accessory)
  • Data output by thermal paper printer (optional)
Accessories Operation manual, quick reference, warranty card, AC adapter, dedicated operation tablet

※This product is not a medical device.



Q Is a Wi-Fi environment or Internet environment required?
A A Wi-Fi environment is not absolutely necessary. Connect to Wi-Fi if you want to transfer the measurement results to a file server via Wi-Fi. It is recommended to refrain from connecting to the Internet to minimize any security risks. Please check with your network administrator for details.
Q Can it run on batteries?
A Battery power is not possible. The main unit requires a 100V power supply.
Q Can the main unit be disinfected?
A Yes, you can wipe the exterior of the main unit and the open surface of the front cover with a general purpose disinfectant.
Q Can I operate the main unit without using a tablet?
A A dedicated tablet is required to operate the main unit.
Q Can you carry it?
A Yes, it is portable. Holding the sides of the main unit with both hands makes it easier to carry.
Q In what kind of environment can it be used?
A For details, please check the "Product Specifications" section of the website.
Q Will it be able to automatically transfer data to an electronic medical record?
A There is no automatic forwarding function. You need to transfer it yourself.
Q What data file formats are supported?
A txt, csv, jpg file formats are planned to be supported.

How to

Q What kind of place can it be installed?
A It can be installed simply by placing it on a tabletop. Please check the "Product Specifications" column on the site for size dimensions.
Q Can I operate the test by myself?
A It can be operated by a single operator, not the subject. It is not assumed that the subject himself/herself/themselves will operate the device.
Q Is maintenance required on a regular basis?
A No special daily maintenance is required.
Q How are results recorded?
A After testing, the test results are automatically recorded on the tablet via txt, csv, and jpg formats.
Q How is the data be outputted? Can I use convential paper charts?
A Since the data is saved in a file in a specified folder in the tablet, you can transfer it to your PC via USB connection or Wi-Fi. You can also transfer txt or CSV formatted data by displaying a 2D-Barcode on the dedicated app and reading it with a barcode reader connected to your PC. You can also print on paper by connecting to a Bluetooth printer.


Q What kind of cartridges are available? Also, what kind of cartridges will be released in the future?
A First, we plan to sell cartridges for research purposes through sales companies. At present, we are planning to offer an "OT cartridge" for olfactory threshold measurement, in which 5 standard odorants are pre-filled in 8 levels of concentration, and a "custom cartridge" that can be filled with up to 40 different types of odorants of your choice. For more information, please contact the sales company . In the future, we plan to discuss clinical cartridges that could be covered by insurance with sales companies.
Q How do you install a cartridge?
A Just remove the front cover and install the cartridge.
Q Can cartridges be stored at room temperature? Also, do I need to remove the cartridge after each use?
A It depends on the specifications of the cartridge. For more information, please contact the sales company . If the cartridge can be stored at room temperature, there is no need to remove the cartridge after each use.
Q Is it possible to customize the odorant in the cartridge?
A For odorant customization of cartridges, please contact the sales company.
Q Are there any restrictions on the usage period or the number of times the cartridge can be used?
A Yes, it is a consumable item that can be used only for the period and number of times specified by each cartridge.
Q How do you dispose cartridges?
A After use, please dispose of cartridges according to the rules of your local government.


Q When is the planned release date?
A The main body and cartridges for research use are scheduled for Spring 2023.
Q Where can I buy it?
A You can purchase from a designated sales company. Please consult your sales company for details.
Q Can you give me a demo?
A Yes, it is possible. For details, please contact us through inquiry.
Q Can anyone buy it?
A This product is for corporate use/purchase, so it will not be available to the general public.
Q What is the price of this product?
A Currently, open price. Please consult your sales company for details.

After-sales Service

Q How long is the manufacturer's warranty period? What is the useful life of the main unit?
A The manufacturer's warranty period is one year, and the useful life is scheduled to be seven years.


Q Can I use it abroad?
A In principle, it can only be used in Japan. If you are considering using it overseas, please contact us through the inquiry form.
Q Do I need a medical license to use it?
A A license is not required. The odorant Presentation Device is a non-medical device.

*1 This product is not a medical device.
*2 Dedicated cartridges and nose guides are sold separately.
*3 We plan to use 100% recycled plastic for the base of the cartridge.
The information on this page is as of October 5, 2022. Please note that the exact specifications of the products that are actually released may differ from the contents indicated on this page.