Brand Concept Video's Text Transcript

Scene Description:
Background music plays.
A vast, open landscape. A four-wheel drive car kicks up dust as it travels along a single-track road across the savannah.

Melissa Groo:
Every once in a while a new piece of technology comes along that really changes the way that we take photographs and I believe that the Alpha9 Ⅲ is going to be that camera.

Scene Description:
The car has pulled over while Melissa Groo, a photographer, takes pictures from the open roof.
Her mirrorless camera Alpha9 III has a telephoto zoom lens attached.
Scene changes to Melissa being interviewed as she sits in a chair surrounded by bushes.

Screen goes dark before switching to footage of a different interview.
"Gran Turismo" series creator and CEO of Polyphony Digital,
Kazunori Yamauchi is sitting in front of two monitors showing still images of racing cars from
"Gran Turismo" as he talks about the game visuals.

Kazunori Yamauchi:
We managed to pack data of a really high peak brightness into the game.

And BRAVIA XR has all the power needed on the panel side. Its peak brightness is very high,
yet it also reproduces exceptional blacks in the dark areas,
so we can get a really high dynamic range.

Scene Description: PlayStation game footage from "Gran Turismo 7" on 4K TV, BRAVIA XR.
The back of a helmeted racer is shown as they move toward a red racing car waiting in the pit.
The scene changes to a white car that seems to be driving straight at the viewer.
Cars of various colors are shown racing on a track, crossing a large screen as Yamauchi watches.
Close-up images of a bright red racing car in motion, shot from behind.
Sunlight highlights the rear wing curve of the car.
The car drives along a regular street at night, with neon billboards reflected along the sleek red sports car.Two racing cars drive through a tunnel, racing toward the sunlight at the exit.

Screen goes dark before switching to footage of a mixing room.
An artist with dreads is sitting with his back to the equipment.
He's Dennis "ROC.AM" Jones, a producer and mixing engineer.

Dennis "ROC.AM" Jones:
The more I use the MDR-MV1 specifically the 360 Reality Audio, I understood the purpose.
The immersive space totally changed the way I thought about music mixing and stereo completely.

Scene Description:
Dennis listens to headphones,
while sound is shown as dots on two spheres on the monitor in front of him.

Screen goes dark before switching to footage of a virtual production studio.
Jason Bayever, director of Virtual Production for Lux Machina, points at images on a monitor.
It shows the back of a woman with a basketball under her right arm.

Jason Bayever:
Having a partner like Sony that are pushing the boundaries and helping us
move virtual production forward is incredibly exciting.

Scene Description:
Screen goes dark before showing the filming of the woman with the basketball.
The team are preparing for the shoot in front of a massive screen showing a basketball court.
A photographer is adjusting a large video camera.
The woman is visible on the right, standing by the screen. She appears to be on a genuine court.

A group of creators and Sony employees are having a discussion in front of a monitor that shows color samples.
Footage changes to an interview with Miles Perkins, business director at Epic Games' Unreal Engine.
He's wearing tortoiseshell glasses.
He's sitting on a sofa, talking about how creators collaborate with Sony.

Miles Perkins:
When you're in the heat of creativity, you just want to be able to create.
So working with Sony, we've really tried to come up with solutions that will address the needs of
the creative community, so that they can tell their stories better.

Scene Description:
Screen goes dark and the background music changes to an emotional track with vocals.
Various scenes centered around entertainment flash briefly on the screen.
A photographer is taking continuous shots of a track athlete.
We hear the camera shutter fire in a burst.
A close-up of a hand plugging in equipment in a studio.
A drone flying level at night, with sound.
Virtual reenactment of a basketball game.
The spectators cheer. A scene of the filming of "Gran Turismo",
the movie. Sound of racing car engines revving.
Melissa Groo looks through the finder of Alpha9 III, taking photos with a serious expression.
We hear its distinctive shutter sound.

With images beyond imagination, songs that inspire enthusiasm,
and immersive worlds that eclipse reality,
entertainment animates the everyday and enriches life.

Scene Description
A car chase with revving engines.
A man and woman react to brakes slamming in their car as cash flutters through the air.
The background footage is projected on a Crystal LED display in the studio.
Close-up of a woman dancing energetically at a live gig.
We see a huge audience at an outdoor festival at night.
A car chase with race cars from the movie "Gran Turismo".
Glowing Wireless Party Speaker SRS-XV800 in a living room,
people dancing in front of it while a friend records them on a phone.
Four hikers, seen from behind and backlit by a lake, holding up a camera in one hand.
A bright, sunlit image.
A large group of women laughing and posing for a group photo in front of a panel showing an illustrated forest and Mirrorless camera Alpha™
Woman wearing a black ball cap looks up.
Two women outdoors, smiling broadly and very close to one another.
They're backlit with lens flare lighting both faces.
Close-up of a man looking into the distance, taking outdoor photos with a Mirrorless camera Alpha™.
An Alpha9 Ⅲ on a tripod. Drone Airpeak S1 with a filming camera attached takes off vertically, sending up a plume of dust. It captures the astonishing moves of a skateboarder.
A low-flying drone films dancers on a roof at night, surrounded by tall lights.

With our technology, we empower creators to express themselves in new ways.
We are building a future full of exciting advances in entertainment.

Scene Description
CG footage of cells.
A woman in a white coat, wearing protective goggles.
Scientific CG images of flecks of light gathering into a sphere.
A scene from the official movie for Crystal LED "VERONA".
High-quality footage showing a spaceship-like vessel and astronaut, with a huge planet in the sky.
A virtual recreation of a basketball game. A trail of light follows the movement of the ball.
A Sony camera with a retinal projection technology viewfinder attached, being used by a happy student from a blind school.
Lots of people gathered at an open space along a mountain ridge.
A clapboard is held in front of a professional camera finder, closing with an audible snap.
A gymnast tumbles through the air as camera flashes go off and high-speed shutters click.
The moment a golfer hits the ball, a flash goes off, while the camera zooms out as the ball flies towards the camera.
Spatial Reality Display ELF-SR2 and a computer monitor on a desk.
The display shows a futuristic 3D car model, its color changing rapidly.
A car chase. Two men in black suits, wearing sunglasses ride a black car, while staring out of the driver-side window. The car drives through high-rise buildings at speed. The camera pulls back to reveal the entire background was projected on a huge Crystal LED display on a soundstage.

More freely, more radically.

Scene Description
Three young people high on a mountainside, holding Mirrorless camera Alphas™.
A guitarist plays while wearing Sony MDR-7506 headphones.
Crew check camera movement while filming a scene for the movie "Gran Turismo".
Full-frame digital cinema camera VENICE 2 follows a racing car from a position very close to the ground. The driver shifts into a higher gear, and the needle on the engine revolution gauge jumps.
Two cars vie on the track.

By capturing images of undiscovered worlds and delivering them in real time,
our technology will unleash the infinite potential of entertainment.

Scene Description
UK-based content creator James Matthews films the Cape Town coastline on the Xperia 1 V smartphone.
A monitor showing a woman doing backward somersaults above an indoor mat.
Several shots of a batter hitting a baseball in a stadium.
The movements of bat and ball can be traced through the series of still images.
Man filming the woman doing somersaults in a studio.
Virtual recreation of a soccer game using optical tracking system SkeleTRACK and fan-engagement service HawkVISION. The height of player jumps is shown in numbers.
A cricket match. Lines appear over a player with his arm up for a throw.
A number shows the exact angle of his bent knee.
A large industrial video camera films a stage lit by strobe lights.
People at an event for mocopi, a mobile motion capture system.
A woman moves both her hands, with miniature sensors attached to them.
On a monitor, virtual singer Hibana Momose makes the same movements against a white background.
Synthesized footage then shows her on the stage under spotlights, singing and dancing.
A shoot at a virtual production studio.
A woman is filmed with a basketball, standing in front of a massive screen that shows a basketball court. Film crew and Sony employees talk to one another while pointing at the image on one of several monitors.
Another shoot at a virtual production studio. A man points at an enormous Crystal LED display with purple and gold sparkles.
The interior of a modern building with glass ceiling.
Two enormous Crystal LED displays hang portrait style to the left and right of a staircase.
The left shows an epic landscape of mountains, lakes, and a blue sky.
The right shows the silhouette of trees against a dark, starry sky.
Image changes to a large Crystal LED display placed landscape style on the ground.
The screen shows a beautiful sunset with a cliff in the foreground.

And we will continue to inspire you, wherever in the world you are.

Scene Description
Close-up of the ear of a woman with grey hair using discreet Over-the -Counter Hearing Aids CRE-C10.
Two women lying on grass, facing upward, and laughing.
A boy celebrating as he watches something.
A woman sitting in an auditorium with shining eyes.
Close-up of people holding hands.
People partying in a living room to footage of a live gig on the TV and Wireless Party Speaker SRS-XV800.

Close-up of a cat transfixed by a TV screen.
PlayStation game footage of "Gran Turismo 7".
Lit-up buildings are reflected on the curves of a red sports car.
A woman in yellow seen from behind putting on MDR-7506 headphones.
A professional videographer hanging out of a tram, shooting with a camera that hangs from the arm of the gear strapped to his back.
A man taking photos at a golf course.
A monitor showing a golfer's swing.
A transparent baseball pitcher with visible skeleton.
The path of the thrown ball is recreated in virtual footage.
A car chase, with a man in a black suit firing a gun.
PlayStation game footage of "Gran Turismo 7". A racing car chases another car in front of it.
Rapid zoom into a wide-open blue eye.
The screen goes dark as the vocal background music fades out.

Various scenes centered around entertainment flash briefly on the screen.
A photographer is taking continuous shots of a track athlete.
We hear the camera shutter fire in a burst.
A close-up of a hand plugging in equipment in a studio.
A drone flying level at night, with sound.
Virtual reenactment of a basketball game.
The spectators cheer. A scene of the filming of "Gran Turismo",
the movie. Sound of racing car engines revving.
Melissa Groo looks through the finder of Alpha9 III, taking photos with a serious expression.
We hear its distinctive shutter sound. The screen goes dark.

Create the future of entertainment
through the power of technology
together with creators

Scene Description
The narrator's words are shown in white text on a black background.
This changes to the Sony logo, and the video ends.

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