January 23, 2024

Sony Reached an Agreement with World Athletics for Sponsorship

The three-year agreement, including the World Athletics Championships Tokyo 2025, leverages technology to create sports experiences filled with emotion

    Jan. 23th, 2024
    Redacted on Feb. 28th, 2024

    Sony Corporation
    World Athletics

    TOKYO, January 23, 2024 - Sony Corporation ("Sony") has reached an agreement with World Athletics for sponsorship of their World Athletics Series events from 2024 to 2026. Based on this sponsorship, Sony will support all World Athletics Series events from the World Athletics Indoor Championships Glasgow 24, which will start on March 1st of this year. This sponsorship will also include the World Athletics Championships Tokyo in September 2025.

    World Athletics is the international governing body for athletics (track & field and running events). Founded in 1912, World Athletics has been promoting the development of track and field around the world through impactful partnerships with commercial partners and broadcasters, the standing of global athletics events, and supporting athletes at all levels of sport in over 200 countries and regions. Sony aims to work with creators and leverage the power of technology to generate experiences filled with emotion for sports fans across the globe. Both parties came to this agreement based on a mutual understanding of each other's philosophy.

    Left: Hiroki Totoki, President, COO and CFO, Sony Group Corporation.and right: World Athletics President. Sebastian Coe.

    Sony will further contribute to sharing the awe-inspiring moments of athletes' achievements with the world, captured by content creators such as photographers, through cutting-edge technologies like Alpha™ mirrorless camera, versatile interchangeable lens including G Master™, system cameras and broadcast solutions. In addition, Hawk-Eye Innovations, Sony's wholly owned subsidiary, will contribute to fair competition management through its officiating services.

    "We are delighted to have reached an agreement with World Athletics to sponsor their World Athletics Series events, which are known as the world's top competitions in athletics", said Hiroki Totoki, President, COO and CFO, Sony Group Corporation. "Based on our purpose to 'fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology,' Sony will contribute to the development of sports by leveraging technology to enhance the emotion generated by sports and deliver it to sports fans around the world."

    "We are entering an exciting few years for our sport and I can think of no better partner than Sony to help us capture the excitement, the thrill and the breathtaking performances our sport promises to bring. As the number one Olympic sport, the eyes of the world will be squarely focused on athletics this year as our athletes compete across our five World Athletics Series events, plus Paris. We look forward to the outstanding photographs Sony will capture at our events to immortalize these many moments in our sports' history." said World Athletics President. Sebastian Coe.

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