World Athletics Partnership

Sony, in a new partnership with
World Athletics,
will utilize
cutting-edge technology to support
as part of its goal to fill
the world with emotion.

Sony Corporation (“Sony”) has reached an agreement with World Athletics for sponsorship of their World Athletics Series events from 2024 to 2026. Based on this sponsorship, Sony will support all World Athletics Series events from the World Athletics Indoor Championships Glasgow 24, which will start on March 1st of this year. Founded in 1912 as the international governing body for athletics (track & field and running events), World Athletics has been promoting the development of athletics around the world through impactful partnerships with commercial partners and broadcasters, the standing of global athletics events, and supporting athletes at all levels of sport in over 200 countries and regions. Sony aims to create the future of entertainment through the power of technology together with creators, and both parties came to this agreement based on a mutual understanding of each other's philosophy.