Sony's DNA: From imagination to prototype

New Concept Cart SC-1

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Sony continues to push the boundaries of technology across a range of fields. Sony's New Concept Cart SC-1 is an experimental vehicle resulting from one such new initiative. With the SC-1, Sony is exploring a new approach to the development of motorized vehicles different from the conventional. Leaders of the concept development team Masao Eriguchi and Shin Takanashi brought their experience in product planning and mechanical design at Sony's mobile phone division to the project. They set out not only to endow a car with mobile phone technology but to create a mobile phone that could move people around. Over the past ten years, this radical concept has slowly been taking shape in their workshop at an undisclosed location in Tokyo. Now, the first prototype is undergoing road tests in Okinawa as the first step toward practical implementation. In this video, the two engineers sit down to discuss the spirit behind this unprecedented development effort, fundamental to Sony's DNA—to take on the challenge of creating prototypes from imagination.