CES 2020

CES 2020

A Creative Entertainment
with a Solid
Foundation of Technology

Kenichiro Yoshida
President and CEO, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Sony Corporation

Event date and time
7th January 10:00 – 18:00
8th January 9:00 – 18:00
9th January 9:00 – 18:00
10th January 9:00 – 16:00
Las Vegas at the LVCC,
Sony Booth #17300
Contributing to society
through the delivery of safety and reliability

Technologies for Evolution of Mobility

Showcases the prototype vehicle resulting from Sony’s new initiative, named “VISION-S” which pursues the enhancement of safety, reliability, comfort and entertainment in the realm of mobility. Also introduces how Sony's imaging and sensing technologies, which perform beyond the human eye, support the concept of “Safety Cocoon.”
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Helping creators realize their dreams

Technology meets Sports: how Sony technology changes the way live sports is captured and viewed.

5G Live Sports Production

Introduces the latest live sports production initiative utilizing 5G technologies which enables the transmission of high-quality video in real-time.

AI Sports Program

Proposes new video experiences that further enhance the excitement of sports using various information analyzed from competition video.

Empowering Creators’ Imagination

Virtual Production with
Atom View

Showcases a virtual production set that captures a part of the Sony Pictures studio lot as photo-realistic volumetric data. It is shown as a background image on the display system.

Eye-sensing Light Field

Combination of “Eye-sensing” and Sony’s own binocular display technology focus all light field for one viewer which enable super high precision and contrast for best spatial reality experience.

Crystal LED
Display System

In a professional editing room setup with a 4K x 2K Crystal LED display system(220 inch), visitors are able to experience ongoing and future developments in the content creation environment.

Enriching people’s hearts through
the delivery of emotional experiences


Showcases the BRAVIA new models which inherit the technologies incorporated in the flagship MASTER Series. The high picture and sound quality that make a difference on a large screen can be experienced.
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360 Reality Audio

Introduces an expansion of devices compatible with 360 Reality Audio which realizes the immersive audio experience. In addition to the combination of headphones and smartphones, a sound bar and a wireless speaker are exhibited for reference.
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