To Professional Use Liquid Crystal Data Projector Customers

<Apology and Request>

Public Notice to Owners of Sony's "Cyber-shot" DSC-T5 Digital Still Cameras

Sony wishes to extend its deepest thanks to all of the loyal users of its professional equipment.
It is with great regret that we inform you of an issue that recently came to light regarding the construction of Liquid Crystal Data Projector [VPL-PX30] and [VPL-PX20] sold between November 1999 until February 2000.
If too much torque is applied to the mounting screws to fix the projector to the ceiling, there is a possibility that the portion surrounding the insert nut will be damaged and become loose leading to the projector to fall from the ceiling mounting bracket.
Sony therefore asks all customers kindly check the projectors to determine if they are covered by this announcement. Any customers in possession of covered products in Japan are requested to contact the customer service center listed below at their earliest convenience.

Customers overseas, please contact local Sony sales company. Sony intends to implement a comprehensive corporate product development and quality control system to ensure that no such issues arise in the future. Please accept our sincere apology and offer us your full understanding and cooperation.

Contact : Sony Professional Projector Call Center

Toll-Free : 0120-256-506
Monday-Friday, 9:00 to 18:00 (Excluding Public Holidays)

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