Backup SD Card Just keep the card in the slot and set up, and it will automatically make backup copies of your documents on any updates.

Realtime Baclup Utility is no longer available for download.

POINT01 Once you choose the folders you want to backup, it will make backup copies in the card on any updates.

Just keep the card in the slot where its usually unutilized. Choose the folders you want to backup.

“Real-time Backup Utility (Ver.2.0.0) adds new function of periodical, automatic e-mail data backup.
*Backup e-mail data like Outlook or Thunderbird, at the interval specified by users.

Periodical, automatic backup of e-mail data

Every creation/modifying made for files, it automatically backup copies. the back up will have the latest copy of your files.

POINT02 Even if your PC goes down and your data disappears, you can be assured that you will have the backup copy of your latest files.

POINT03 Backup automatically starts when it detects updates made on your files. Icons are clearly indicated to show you the backup status [i.e. “Backup in progress” or “Backup Completed”].

icon mark of “Backup in progress”or “Backup Completed”

Menu for Encryption Menu for Restore

POINT04 Files can be encrypted using the encryption option. For restoration of the backup files, the password that you previously set will be required.

■Intelligent features, "Auto data refresh function" and "Indication of rewritable cycle limitation" securely keep your backup data.
    These intelligent features are realized via communication between Backup SD card and this "Real-time Backup Utility" software.

<Auto data refresh function>

If the data has not been re-written for a certain long time, users may face possible problem of data loss due to a general characteristic of flash memory. This function automatically rewrites backup data periodically without knowing, and prevent loss of data due to not being re-written for a long time.

<Indication of rewritable cycle limitation>

Flash memory products have a limitation on data rewriting cycle as a general characteristic of flash memory. If the users don’t know when to reach this limitation, they might suddenly face a problem that new data can’t be written properly onto their flash memory media. In order to prevent this problem, this notification function will show a pop-up message telling it’s approaching to the limitation, and suggest replacing to a new card.

Real-time Backup Utility

Realtime Backup Utility is no longer available for download as of March 31, 2022.

<Software update>
- Ver. 3.1.0. (released on 30th June, 2016)
  Added support for Windows 10.
- Ver. 2.0.2. (released on 29th March, 2016)
  Improved the operational quality when resuming from the sleep state.
- Ver. 2.0.1. (released on 27th August, 2014)
  Change some text of setting menu
- Ver. 2.0.0. (released on 19th August, 2014)
  Updated features is to add mail data backup function (Outlook or Thunderbird)

*Software update history

<Important Notice>

  • 1- Sony is not liable for any loss, damage or corruption to any data caused during the trial period.
  • 2- Backup function will be disabled after the 30-days trial period ends. Users can use Restore function (to copy backed-up files back to PC) even after the trial period.
  • 3- Prior to install the software, please read "Important Precautions for Real-time Backup Utility" displayed in Setting-up Menu.

<Install Software>

  • 1- Insert your SD card into a card slot on your computer and open the SD card drive in Windows Explorer.
  • 2- Click the Download button and save the zip file in a location (such as Desktop) on your computer.
  • 3- Double-click the downloaded zip file and copy the "Real-time Backup Utility" folder to the SD card by a drag-and-drop operation.
  • 4- Open the "Real-time Backup Utility" folder on the SD card, and open the Start_menu.exe file.
  • 5- Please read "Important Precautions" displayed in Startup menu.
  • 6- Click the Install button in the Startup Menu and follow the instructions that appear on screen to complete installation.

<System Requirements>

OS ·Windows Vista (SP2 or later)
·Windows 7 (SP1or later)
·Windows 8.1
·Windows 10
CPU Pentium 1 GHz or higher
Memory 512MB or more
HDD space 1GB or more (For installation of software : 20MB or more )
Note: Additional space is required if .NET Framework 4 or later is not installed in PC
32 bit OS:850MB or more
64 bit OS:2 GB or more

Software Update History

Ver.1.3.0 (released on 14th January, 2014)
     Update feature is to improve the performance of calculating file size, and reduce the time to specify/confirm the backup files.

Ver.1.2.0 (released on 13th November, 2013)
     Update features;

  •      1) Improve an usability for designating a folder to backup by adding "drag and drop" function.
  •      2) An issue that an alarm appears, indicating the trial period will soon end, has been observed even on PC of SN-BA product users under some
         circumstances. This version addresses this issue.

Ver.1.1.0 (released on 20th September, 2013)
     Updated features is to improve the user interface of password setting, and other performance.