FeliCa Standard

RC-S888 4KB DES IC Card

RC-S889 9KB DES IC Card

* Printing shown on card is only a sample
  • Fast processing
  • High security
  • Multi-application

The FeliCa™, contactless IC card system can be used multiple services, such as transit ticket, emoney, employee ID, membership and access control. Using multi-application functionality, various applications can be accessed and processed on a single card.


  • Contactless communication between the reader/writer and the card is activated by electromagnetic waves radiated from the reader antenna. FeliCa technology complies with ISO/IEC 18092 communication protocol.
  • The card is durable - conforming to ISO/IEC7810 ID-1 size.
  • The basic material of the card is PET plastic - an environmentally friendly option, which can be easily recycled and exerts minimal adverse influence on the environment.


[ Common ]

Fast Processing Speed

RC-S888 / RC-S889 can complete all the process - card detection, mutual authentication and read/write transactions, including encryption and decryption within only 0.1 seconds with reader. The new Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) dramatically improves*1 data-processing speed for faster read/write results.
The card supports both the conventional data-transfer rate of 212 kbps and the double data transfer rate of 424 kbps*2. The card automatically adjusts both the incoming and outgoing data transfer rate according to the speed of the reader to provide the high speed communication in a seamless manner.

*1 Compared to SONY RC-S860 series.
*2 Available only when the reader to be used accommodates the 424 kbps transfer mode.

High Security

RC-S888 / RC-S889 is an IC card based on a secure IC chip (RC-S962/S960) with superior tamper resistant characteristics. The IC chip has assurance levels of ISO/IEC 15408 ("Common Criteria for Security Evaluation"), EAL4+ for hardware, and EAL4 composite.


FeliCa offers multiple services on a single card. The card can be used in various ways such as transit ticketing, employee ID, access control and e-money for shop, restaurants and vending machines.
In addition, the card can be used for logical access control.

Better Data Rewrite Endurance

RC-S888 / RC-S889 offers improved memory performance* (with a data rewrite endurance of 10 billion cycles), for high-frequency use.

* Compared to SONY RC-S860 series.

[ RC-S889 ]

Large Memory Capacity for Multi-Application

RC-S889 contains a 9KB IC chip (RC-S960) to support large memory application requirements*. The card can store large amounts of data, suitable for biometric authentication, e-ticketing applications, and so on.

* Compared to SONY RC-S860 series.

Product Specifications

RC-S888 RC-S889
Communication distance*1 100 mm(when using RC-S462C, RS-S460C/S461C)*3
36 mm(when using RC-S400B)
30 mm(when usingRC-S462B / S492B / S493B, RC-S460B / S461B / S490B / S491B)
5 mm(when using RC-S320 / S330)
3 mm(when using RC-S360)
Communication method Conforms to ISO/IEC 18092
(212 kbps / 424 kbps Passive communication mode)
Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
Communication speed Supports automatic 212 kbps / 424 kbps switching*4
Operating temperature/humidity*2 0℃~40℃ / 20% RH~90% RH
40℃~50℃ / 50% RH or less
Storage temperature/humidity -10℃~+60℃ / 60% RH or less
Dimensions(W×H×D) 85.6 mm × 54.0 mm × 0.76 mm(Conforms to ISO/IEC 7810ID-1 type cards)
Mass Approx. 5 g
Basic material Uses plastic material such as PET which exerts minimal effects on the environment even if incinerated.
Size (Type) 4 Kbyte FRAM 9 Kbyte FRAM
User memory 2,464 bytes
(16 bytes ×154 blocks)
6,400 bytes
(16 bytes ×400 blocks)
Data retention period 10 years (at 70℃)
Write endurance 10 billion times (at 55℃) *Continuous read = 1 billion times (at 55℃)
Security Embedded IC chip (RC-S962) Embedded IC chip (RC-S960)
  • Hardware: ISO/IEC 15408 ("Common Criteria for Security Evaluation") EAL4+
  • Composite: ISO/IEC 15408 ("Common Criteria for Security Evaluation") EAL4

*1 The communications distance varies according to the user environment. Please note that the specifications reflect the distance in an ideal environment without the effects of peripheral radiofrequencies and/or metal obstructions. In addition it is necessary for the reader antenna and RC-S888/RC-S889 to be in parallel and for the median points of both devices to be in a perpendicular line to both objects.
*2 Due to the field intensity of Reader/Writer, the operating temperature/humidity may vary.
*3 RC-S888/RC-S889 has an IC chip with a security sensor. Use in a hot place or in the periphery of a powerful magnetic field may activate the security sensor, reset the information on the card and result in communications failure. Check the usable environment and reader communication status prior to use.
*4 Available only when the reader to be used accommodates the 424 kbps transfer mode.

Typical System Layout