SDK for NFC Lite for Windows


SDK for NFC Starter Kit

ICS-D010/V22E Free of Charge

This SDK is an efficient tool for developing various types of NFC/FeliCa™ application software. Also available is a free-of charge Starter Kit for evaluation purposes.


ICS-D004/V22E SDK for NFC Lite

Suitable for business applications, such as those using employee/student ID cards.

  • Suitable for applications using a USB NFC (FeliCa) reader*1 or an NFC (FeliCa)-embedded laptop/tablet computer.
  • Supplied with a PC/SC interface or a FeliCa library to access FeliCa cards and ISO/IEC 14443 Type A / Type B and ISO/IEC 15693(only RC-S660, RC-S300/S1 and RC-S300/S) cards and tags.*2
  • A single reader can accommodate multiple applications.
  • Supporting thin client environments, such as Citrix and VMware.
  • For Windows
  • For NFC
  • For USB reader*

*1 Reader is sold separately.
*2 Cannot access service area with keys in the card.

ICS-D010/V22E SDK for NFC Starter Kit

The SDK provides a part of function of 'SDK for NFC Lite' for evaluation purposes. The SDK is available free of charge.

  • Conforms to PC/SC 2.0 specification. PC/SC interface for application is provided to access NFC Forum devices.
  • For Windows
  • For NFC
  • For USB reader*
SDK for NFC Starter Kit Download (for evaluation)

(Version. 2.2 / 47MB / August 1, 2023)


* Reader is sold separately. Before purchasing, please make sure that the reader used with the SDK (software development kit) complies with technical, legal and safety standards regarding emission of electromagnetic radiation in the country and region of use. For further details about the USB reader, please contact us.

Basic Products*1

SDK for NFC Lite
SDK for NFC Starter Kit
  • FeliCa Library (without security logic)
  • PC/SC Sample (source code)
  • FeliCa Tutorial (source code)
  • User's Manual
  • NFC Port Software Installer (driver for distribution)
  • User's Manual
  • NFC Port software installer (driver)
  • Sample Program

*1 One developer license grants one developer the right to use our software tool.

Product Specifications

SDK for NFC Lite
SDK for NFC Starter Kit
Operating system Refer to "System Requirements"
Thin Client Environments Refer to "Thin Client Environments"
Supporting Reader/Writer Refer to "Supporting Reader/Writer"
Function FeliCa Standard Read/Write without encryption
FeliCa Lite-S Read/Write (Formatting can be implemented)
ISO/IEC 14443 Type A / Type B access
ISO/IEC 15693 access (only RC-S660, RC-S300/S1 and RC-S300/S)
Encryption function
(between the card and the reader/writer,
the reader/writer and the controller)
Not included*
External Interface USB
Developer license 1 user license
for development
1 user license
for evaluation purposes

* Cannot access service area with keys in the card.

System Requirements

For details of the operational environments, see "System Requirements".


SDK for NFC Lite
Sample FeliCa cards
(formatted as samples)
RC-S888 (5 cards) ICS-E006/05
RC-S889 (5 cards) ICS-E007/05
RC-S888 (10 cards) ICS-E006/10
RC-S889 (10 cards) ICS-E007/10
RC-S100 (10 cards) ICS-E008/10
RC-S120 (10 cards) ICS-E009/10

Support & Service

Annual support (*1) ICS-D004
SDK for NFC Lite
Q&A via e-mail (*2)
Support website browsing (*2)
Version upgrades (*3)

*1 For SDK for NFC Lite ICS-D004. The annual support requires consecutive contracted periods.
*2 The annual support contract includes service support for one year via e-mail. Generally, questions are limited to the usage of SDK for NFC Lite.
*3 Sony may distribute a complimentary upgrade of the software version during the support periods.

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