Sony to launch next-generation FeliCa contactless IC chip
-- With new features added, mass production starts in November --

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. announces today the launch of the next-generation FeliCa Standard IC chip. The new IC chip is backward-compatible with existing FeliCa Standard IC Chip products and adds several new features for further usability. Its security has also been strengthened for the current generation. Mass production of the IC chip product is scheduled to start in November 2020.

The Sony FeliCa contactless IC card technology is widely deployed in smartcard and mobile phone products for various applications - including transit, payment, and access control - where high performance and security is required. To date*1, more than 1.4 billion FeliCa cards and mobile phone IC chips in total have already shipped worldwide.
With the current necessity of living with the 'New Normal', applications taking advantage of contactless IC technology are expected to grow in various fields, because the technology offers advantages in terms of hygienic management as well as its quintessential convenience.

With this new IC chip, Sony will develop and market a variety of card forms, and plan to develop corresponding products for reader/writer platforms. Sony will create a new lifestyle and foster a range of applications that offer users the daily convenience of "Just tap" FeliCa technology.

*1: As at end of June 2020.

Features of the next-generation IC chip

  • Additional security options to meet market needs
    In addition to the encryption and integrity protection of communication data in the current secure communication function, a security option that supports only integrity protection of communication data has been added. This extends the choice of cost-balanced system solutions for use cases where higher priority is given to high-speed transactions, while meeting the required security needs.
  • Highest level of security for contactless smartcard IC chips
    The new IC chip supports the AES encryption method and provides high security. With its state-of-the-art tamper-resistant technology, it has acquired the very high assurance level of EAL6+, in accordance with ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria certification, an international standard for security. The IC chip also complies with Public Transportation IC Card Protection Profile (PTPP).
  • Extended Overlap Service
    This feature allows different service providers to share additional services, while making the most of existing systems.

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