Reproduction of the acoustic field in Immersive audio studio with high precision using headphones

360 Virtual Mixing Environment (360VME) is a technology that accurately reproduces the acoustic field of a immersive audio studio consisting of multiple speakers with headphones using proprietary measurement technology. After just one measurement in the studio, the optimal environment for immersive audio production can be taken anywhere with headphones and 360VME software. Your immersive audio workflow and quality will take on a whole new dimension.

Technology behind 360VME

How to use

Contact 360VME measurement studio to make an appointment for the profile measurement.
Visit the studio on the measurement day with the compatible headphones. A studio engineer will create your profile using a dedicated microphone and get 360VME software from the studio.
Install 360VME software on your own PC environment. Load the profile you have created and check the audio connection settings with 360 WalkMix Creator™ or other production tools, Now you can start using the software. 360VME software
instruction manual download

360VME measurement studio

To use 360VME, you need to visit a measurement studio and create your own profile using a dedicated microphone.
Please inquire about measurement dates and costs through the studio's website.

MIL Studio

MIL is truly unique studio featuring "4 pi " audio environment using up to 62.2 ch speakers and support any immersive audio format.

Visit Web Site
Gold Diggers Studio

Studio 6 is a premiere immersive mixing and outfitted with a great selection of the newest equipment to make your spatial mixes shine.

Visit Web Site
The Hit Factory

The topnotch studio in New York adapt to progression to an immersive environment beyond traditional mixing in stereo or 5.1 surround.

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Support environments

macOS 10.15.7 or later
Windows 10 or later
<Compatible headphones>

Basic setup


After completing the measurement at the measurement studio, the studio will distribute 360VME software in installer format.

Delete the following files and restart the PC.

The use of 360VME service requires the fee of creating a profile based on measurement at the studio. Please contact the measurement studio for details.

The profile is measured by test sound. You sit at a listening point in the measurement studio and wearing a specific microphone and compatible headphones . The time difference in the arrival of the measured sound to the ear, the volume difference, and the reverberant component are measured. You will listen to the measured sound several times as guided by the studio engineer, and the average time required is about 30 minutes.

360VME software receives audio signals via a virtual audio driver and works as standalone. So, it can be connected to other software that can output multi-channel signals to the audio driver, but this does not guarantee that it will work for individual tools.

360VME may not work properly with cloud storage. Please use 360VME software and 360VME profiles on internal storage your Mac or PC.

The number of speakers in the environment that can be measured corresponds to up to 16 channels. Please contact the studio for information on the measurement environment.

Currently, measurements can only be taken at designated 360VME measurement studios; for information on joining a 360VME measurement studio, please contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Please contact the studio where the profile was measured for more information about the profile measurement.
For information on how to use 360VME software, please also refer to the software manual on this page.

Some users may experience dizziness or car sickness-like effects after prolonged use. If you feel any of the above during use, please discontinue use.

Please access the following and read the contents of the license.

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