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Spatial Reality Display Player

Standard player application for the easy display of your 3DCG data.

This is a "Spatial Reality Display Player" application that can easily display 3DCG data.
This player can be used to display your 3DCG data or exhibit 3D models of your products.
Display and utilize your 3D models right after you purchase your Spatial Reality Display.

v1.1 offers the following features that are ideal for exhibits and presentations.
- Continuous playback of multiple models with background music and narration.
- Artwork and products can be exhibited even in environments where presenters are not physically present.
- Demos can be registered after they are created. Once a demo is registered, it can be easily played back with a single click.
- Key lock and model reset functions that are useful for exhibition purposes will be added.
- Backgrounds can now be selected for the models to create images that are even more three-dimensional.

With a Spatial Reality Display, a computer, and this player, 3D spatial images can be enjoyed easily anytime.

*This player is free of charge. Please install it on your computer after downloading.
*This player supports 3D data in FBX, OBJ, GLTF, and STL formats.
*This player may not be able to correctly display some files even if they are in the supported formats.
*In addition to using your own 3D model data, 3D models can also be downloaded from 3D model stock websites, etc. and used.

Release notes
Added the following functions:
- Demonstration function
- Key Lock function
- Model background setting
- Key assignment settings
- Update notification function

- Spatial Reality Display firmware and SDK updates are now supported.
- The firmware update is version v1.20.00 and the SDK is version v2.1.0.
- Please use Spatial Reality Display Player v1.0.2 to take advantage of the updated features.

File Importer can be operated by keyboard/controller now.
Several bugs have been fixed.

- First release

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Supported models
Recommend PC SpecWindows10(64bit)/Windows11, Intel i7-9700 or higher, GeForce RTX2070Super/Radeon5700 or highter, Memory 16GB or higher, SSD is recommended.
External deviceUSB Game Controller, Keyboard, mouse for windows
LanguageEnglish, Japanese, Canadian French, Chinese
DeveloperSony Corporation
PublisherSony Corporation