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Demo Videos

Ghostbusters Demo

3D Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car demo running on Sony’s Spatial Reality Display. The collaboration focused on using the Spatial Reality Display to bring both familiar and new film characters to life, through the groundbreaking visual medium. "We have been working with the Sony team to bring Ghostbusters characters and assets to life using Sony's Spatial Reality Display," noted Eric Reich, brand and franchise executive at Ghost Corps. "Moving forward, we could see potential benefits from pre-visualization to 3D modeling. The display offers a new approach to visualizing concepts and characters, making understanding the finished product that much easier."

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SmileFy Demo

Smilefy is a smile design software which allows today's modern Dentist to create beautiful, facially driven smile designs for their patients. This demonstration shows the digital patient and 3D smile design running on Sony’s Spatial Reality Display enabling better visualization of the patient’s treatment outcome.

Volkswagen Demo

The Volkswagen 3D demo of the Atlas car running on Sony’s Spatial Reality Display. "At Volkswagen, we've been evaluating Sony's Spatial Reality Display from its early stages, and we see considerable usefulness and multiple applications throughout the ideation and design process, and even with training," commented Frantisek Zapletal, Virtual Engineering Lab US, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. "We're excited to continue blazing trails and collaborating with Sony to find practical use cases for this innovative product at Volkswagen."

Deco 3D Demo

Deco3D is an architectural visualization experience that utilizes the unique features of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display to deliver new ways of exploring and customizing a virtual model home. The interface allows you to decorate and style the living room, bedroom and kitchen of a model home with a wide range of furniture, wallpapers and floors. Using the lighting simulation tool on the top right, you can examine how different lighting conditions impact the interior and exterior of the house by changing the time of day and direction of the sun in real-time.

The Mill Demo

The Mill is a leading production studio with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin and Bangalore. This is the first content they tried on Sony's Spatial Reality Display - it represents incredible 3D optical experience of the content where detailed texture, high contrast, and luminous brightness. According to Dan Philips, executive producer of emerging technology, “You're literally looking at magic happen on the screen, wondering how it's working. Every single person I’ve seen observing this display is just like, ‘I’ve never seen anything like it.’”

ELF-boy Demo

The Spatial Reality Display sustains the powerful illusion of a seamless volumetric scene of even fast moving content by adjusting the view as you move your head. The Display tracks your eyes and pivot immediately in response to head movement. For maximum effect, the system operates in real time, with millisecond response and high accuracy. Sony accomplishes these goals with hardware, firmware and software advances including a high-speed camera, sophisticated face detection and eye sensing technology and a proprietary real-time rendering algorithm.

Tiki Demo

Tiki Island is a downloadable executable file created using Unity to view on the Sony Spatial Reality Display. The gaze from a mysterious floating mask follows you as tiki torches flicker and burn in the background.