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Let's get started with the Spatial Reality Display app in Unreal Engine!

  1. Set up your Spatial Reality Display, if not, see: Setup Spatial Reality Display, Setup Spatial Reality Display Settings
    1. Connect your Spatial Reality Display to PC
    2. Configure the settings of your Spatial Reality Display
    3. Install Spatial Reality Display Settings
  2. Installed Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Engine, see: Installing Unreal Engine.
    1. Now we support 4.27, 5.1 and 5.2


Only one Spatial Reality Display app can be run at a time. Additional apps will fail to launch.

  1. Download latest Spatial Reality Display Plugin and Spatial Reality Display Templates from Download Page.
  2. Install Spatial Reality Display Plugin.

    Unzip and copy extracted folder SRDisplayPlugin into one of the search paths for Plugins, either in your project or in the Engine itself. See here for instructions on installing Plugins. For simplicity of explanation, we assume you have copied SRDisplayPlugin into C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.27\Engine\Plugins\Developer\.


    For UE5, if you install the Spatial Reality Display Plugin in `Epic Games\UE_5.x\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace`, the plugin loads when you create a new project, so you can develop Spatial Reality Display UE apps without having to install the plugin in the project folder each time. (If there is no Marketplace folder, create one.)

    For UE5, select C++ when creating the project. It does not work correctly in Blueprint-only projects. If Blueprint is selected, add some kind of C++ code.

  3. Install Spatial Reality Display Templates.

    Unzip and copy extracted folders TP_SRDisplay and TP_SRDisplayBP into the Engine's Templates directory. See here for instructions on installing Templates. For simplicity of explanation, we assume you have copied TP_SRDisplay and TP_SRDisplayBP into C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.27\Templates\.

  1. Download Sample Projects.
  2. Unzip into your any folder.
  3. Open the samples with your UE Editor.

    Right click SRDisplaySamples.uproject and select "Switch Unreal Engine version..." from context menu.

    A dialog window called "Select Unreal Engine Version" will open. Select the Engine you have installed on the Spatial Reality Display Plugin.

  4. Open SRDisplaySamples project.

    Double click SRDisplaySamples.uproject and open it with UE Editor. A dialog window called "Missing SRDisplaySamples Modules" will open. Click "Yes" to start rebuilding the c++ source codes in the sample project.

  5. Open the sample map "MainMenu".

    It may take some time to build the source code. The Editor and the sample map "MainMenu" will open automatically after building completes.

  6. Run "MainMenu" via VR Preview mode.

    Select VR Preview from the drop down menu next to Play button.