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What type of HDMI cables are recommended?

Use a cable that supports a 4k connection.

Do not use an HDMI switcher, and connect it directly to the computer.

What DirectX versions are available?

Only DirectX11 is supported by Unity.

DirectX11&DirectX12 are supported by Unreal Engine.

What are the recommended versions of Windows?

Windows 10 (64bit) and Windows11 are supported.

Is it possible to use the Display in portrait orientation?

Not supported.

When you run the app, a black screen or an error dialog will appear

Apps created with the SDK1.x UE Plugin can only play ELF-SR1. To play ELF-SR2, please rebuild with the SDK2.0 UE Plugin.

Content built with the former version (ver.1.2.1 ) of plugin for Unreal Engine can only play on ELF-SR1. To play contents on ELF-SR2, please rebuild with the latest version of the plugin

When the application is executed, the picture is displayed, but the point of view does not change when the face is moved

Failed to retrieve the face position, launch Spatial Reality Display Settings app and make sure the face is recognized. (red outline is stable on face image from camera)

Make sure you have sufficient lighting on the user’s face, this will help with face detection.

When I run the UE application, the picture is displayed, but I can't see it in 3D

The display scale of Spatial Reality Display may not be 100%, Please refer to connecting-sr-display-to-pc

Is there a touch-screen version that would allow for an interactive demo?

Due to the stereoscopic image created, the viewer will not be interacting with the screen but with a 3D object suspended in space. Due to this “touch-screen” is not available.

Are there other ways to interact with images on the device other than by keyboard or mouse?

Yes, the content creator can incorporate gesture control into their design such as with a gaming controller, or Leap Motion Controller for hand gestures (for example). This will give the user a way to interact with the 3D object.

"Leap Motion" is registered trademark or trademark of Ultraleap Inc.

How do you set up Leap Motion Controller with the PC running Spatial Riality Display?

Install the Leap Motion drivers on the PC following the instructions on Leap Motion’s website.
Additionally, the content creator must have incorporated gesture control into their design for this to work with the Spatial Reality Display. If you notice that some 3D image is not stable, there could be some interference between Leap Motion Controller’s IR light and the Spatial Reality Display’s camera, In this case we recommend adding an IR cut filter or film (with transmittance level of approx. 0.1%@850nm, or less) in front of the Spatial Reality Display’s camera, to minimize interference. When using filter over the camera, control room lighting not too dark for eye detection. (Please refer to Spatical Reality Display Settings application)

Any best practices for using Leap Motion device with the Spatial Reality Display?

This will depend on the content creator, please follow the content creator’s directions for best interaction experience.

If you need more information, refer to the User Guide's FAQ.

If you need more information, refer to the following website and article.
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