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What type of HDMI cables are recommended?

Use a cable that supports a 4k connection.

Do not use an HDMI switcher, and connect it directly to the computer.

What DirectX versions are available?

Only DirectX11 is supported for both UE4 and Unity.

What are the recommended versions of Windows?

Only Windows 10 (64bit) is supported.

Is it possible to use the Display in portrait orientation?

Not supported.

When you run the app, a black screen or an error dialog will appear

When the application is executed, the picture is displayed, but the point of view does not change when the face is moved

Failed to retrieve the face position, launch SR Display Settings and make sure the face is recognized. (red outline is stable on face image from camera)

Make sure you have sufficient lighting on the user’s face, this will help with face detection.

When I run the UE4 application, the picture is displayed, but I can't see it in 3D

The display scale of Spatial Reality Display may not be 100%, Please refer to connecting-sr-display-to-pc