Camera / Accessory

SNC-VB640 / VB642D / VM641 / VM642R
/ EB640 / EB642R / EM641 / EM642R


User's Guide
[Important Notice] To the customers those who use SSL client authentication
Installation Manual for VB640 / EB640
Installation Manual for VB642D / EB642R
Installation Manual for VM641 / EM641
Installation Manual for VM642R / EM642R
Safety Regulations


Firmware Ver. 3.1.1
Release Note
English日本語 / Japanese
[Notice for Updating Firmware]
  • SNC toolbox Ver. or later is required to update to this firmware.
  • Once you update firmware to the latest version, you cannot downgrade firmware to earlier version.
  • Depending on your environment, it may take up to 45 minutes.
  • Procedure to enable SSL client authentication is changed.
[Important Notice for Customers in China]
To the customers those who use SIP function(GB/T-28181 compliant)
Once you update the firmware to the latest version(Ver. 3.0.0 or later), you will not be able to use SIP function, so please do not update the firmware.