Sony offers HDMI verification test service to HDMI Adopters for consumers' safety use of HDMI products.
This testing center performs HDMI compliance testing according to the HDMI Compliance Test Specification, which is defined in HDMI Adopter's Agreement.
Test results are reported to the applicant in order to submit the report to the HDMI Licensing LLC.
HDMI Compliance Testing
HDMI Compliance Testing is performed at 5 testing centers as below.
* Sony ATC is outsourcing part of the ATC operations to Allion inc.


  • Japan
    • Sony HDMI ATC - Osaki
    • Sony HDMI ATC - Gotanda
  • Taiwan
    • Sony HDMI ATC - Taipei
    • Sony HDMI ATC - Nantou
  • China
    • Sony HDMI ATC - Shenzhen

Test Submission Procedures
For more detailed information, please click here.
Also, please refer to "Testing Policies" on HDMI LLC website as a basic information on HDMI Compliance Testing before applying test.
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