Sony and KEOLABS Agree to Develop Test Tools for Wider Support of NFC-F

March 2, 2015

Sony Corporation today announced an agreement with KEOLABS to provide NFC-F* test tools commercially as a part of NFC validation solutions. As part of the agreement, Sony will provide the necessary support to KEOLABS for its development for NFC-F testing tool.

The test tools will include NFC-F / FeliCa test cases for CLF* and SE* vendors to verify NFC implementation and ensure global interoperability, conforming to standardized specifications such as ETSI, NFC Forum and GlobalPlatform. Handset vendors can also utilize these tools to verify NFC-F / FeliCa compatibility.

According to KEOLABS, tools for CLF and SE vendors will be available in Q3 2015.

Sony, as a founding member of NFC Forum, intends to continuously improve development environment for FeliCa / NFC to expand the growth of easy-to-use NFC mobile services across the global market.

*NFC-F: A contactless communication standard defined by NFC Forum along with NFC-A and NFC-B.
  FeliCa communication technology complies with NFC-F.
*CLF: Contactless Front-end
*SE: Secure Element


KEOLABS is a leading provider of tools and services for testing microcontroller and secure component implementation.

KEOLABS Smart Card Validation activity provides an end-to-end product and service offer for validating and certifying smart cards and related technologies in accordance with industry standards. KEOLABS participates in all major certification processes for the secure transaction and identity sectors. The company offers a comprehensive range of solutions for validation of all layers of contact and contactless secure components from the electrical to the digital and application layers.

KEOLABS service branch includes the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Testing Laboratory offering test services to all stakeholders in the secure component sector for smart cards, handsets, ePassports, electronic driver's licenses and card readers.