VPT, which initially was developed as a fundamental technology for Virtualphones, has now been installed not only in various portable devices but also in 3D audio encoders. Development is still underway for enhanced applications.
One example of an advanced use of VPT is in the area of network distribution. Thanks to technological developments in the Internet and high-performance personal computers, today, users can download music and video from the network without having to own packaged conventional media such as CDs and DVDs.

However, to enjoy dynamic 5.1-channel sound of movies distributed via network, users needed to have an audio system with 5.1-channel capacity and enough transmission speed.

By separating the sound engine (VPT AEP: Acoustic Engine Plus) portion of the surround headphone system and making further enhancement to create a clear sound field in any type of headphone,Sony used VPT processing of a 5.1-channel sound source to create a virtual sound field effect and converted it to 2-channel sound for network distribution.
AII Inc. is currently distributing video with 5.1-channel VPT surround sound.

This way, the users can readily enjoy life-like surround audio just like in movie theaters using regular headphones without a special audio system or a broadband network.
Sony aims to expand on the potential of VPT, making it not only the supreme technology for virtual headphones but also for border applications such as 3D audio encoders (VPT AEP) and network distribution.