40th Anniversary

With its debut on July 1st, 1979, WALKMAN® has introduced to the world a new way to “easily enjoy high quality music anywhere,anytime”.
Over time, WALKMAN® has become a symbol of Sony’s challenge, filling the world with emotion through creating new music experiences.
Enjoy 40 years of WALKMAN® on this special site and rediscover your favorite.


Over its 40 years of history, WALKMAN® has challenged to bring new ways to listen to music anywhere anytime. With each challenge, came an evolution in design. Watch the video and discover your favorite WALKMAN®

WALKMAN® was developed by Sony 40 years ago. This WALKMAN® changed many people's lifestyles: now they can listen to music wherever they want, whenever they want. We interviewed Mr.Asai (Former Sony Engineer for TPS-L2) and Mr.Kamon (Former Sony Engineer for MDR-3L2) about the development story at that time.

WALKMAN® 1979-2019

List of 136 iconic WALKMAN® products selected from its 40years of history.
Walkman continues to evolve with the times. Check out your memorable WALKMAN®.

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